Vuzu To Invite Celebs On V-Entertainment

To celebrate the success of the channel, which officially launched in July 2009, Vuzu viewer’s favourite all-round entertainment show, V-Entertainment, will be playing host to the who’s who of local celebrities.

From 4 July, and each Wednesday from after 18:00, Vuzu’s dose of everything entertainment goes large with a very special guest presenter intent on injecting a high voltage dose of celebrity into V-Entertainment’s signature mix of the latest news in the world of music, fashion, film and more.

The A-list presenters for Vuzu’s July birthday month are under wraps for now but V-Entertainment fans should stay glued to the show’s Twitter feed (, Facebook page ( and website ( for clues on who’s next in this mega celebration of a bonafide African entertainment success.

Here, to get Vuzu fans guessing, are some clues about the celebrity guests lining up to help the channel celebrate a birthday to remember!

Wednesday, 4 July: This guest is loud, outspoken, and is linked to the number ‘10’.

Wednesday, 11 July: This guest is no stranger to the USA, he is oh-so-smooth and, here’s another clue: yellow bone.

Wednesday, 18 July: A stylish, go-getter describes many on the A-list but it really describes this celebrity guest better than all.

Wednesday, 25 July: Think controversial, colour blocking, comedy and outspoken and you can be sure this guest will easily spring to mind.

To find out who the guest presenters are, watch V-Entertainment on Wednesdays from 4 to 25 July at 18:00, on Vuzu.


Well that's the press release. My thought on this is WHY THE HELL!!!

Seriously. Every other entertainment show out there in this country is celebrity driven. The problem unfortunately is that the celeb pool in this country is very small. 

What is happening now is that with all these channels we have we are bombarded by same faces. 

You tune in your radio, tv and print media... it is the same ol people doin the same ol thing. 

V_Entertainment is supposed to be a show that gives viewers the goss on A-Listers, now they want those A-listers to be part of the show. 

The other issue is that, VUZU already had 10 Over 10, why would that change V-Entertainment and its uniqueness on the channel. 

Who makes the decisions in these channels? Clearly these people are not in touch with Mzansi and their audiences. 

We seriously need to stop emulating Hollywood too much. We need to be inspired and then we create shows that are inspired by Hollywood by are tailor made for South African audiences. 

And for Gawd's sake can we give new guys a chance to shine. The ratings are showing that viewers are bored by the redundancy that is on South African tv. 

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