Weigh In On Lira's BET Red Carpet Look

Our girl Lira did us proud this past weekend when she represented Mzansi at the BET Awards in the US. We all knew she was probably going to wear a Sylvester Falata gown so the anticipation was not that high in that regard. A lot of people are raving about her red number on the red-carpet unfortunately I'm gonna be a lone ranger here and say; I'm not blown away.

She wore a handcrafted dashiki clutch by Maria McCloy, red peep-toe slingbacks by Errol Arendz, and a red one-sleeve sequin gown by South African fashion designer Sylvester Falata

I love Lira she is an incredible woman and an inspiration in many ways. However, since releasing Return To Love and vying so hard to capture the international market, she has become a bit too boring for me. 

The BET for me was as big a stage as she could have been on to dazzle and yet she went the safe route. There is absolutely nothing wow about this dress. It is safe!

 Miss Lira runs a risk of being redundant and too Miss Prim & Proper!

She is a vibrant young black woman, I think she should show a bit of edginess if she is to make an indelible mark in this fast paced industry. 

Already with the arrival of Zahara, she took a major knock off of her thrown. 

I am by no means saying she should try and change herself and be someone she is not. What I mean is that we can see she is not this stiff person she is portraying right now. We can see the glow in her eyes. She is a star, show it!!!

The BET redcarpet could have been a perfect platform for her to introduce herself to the world. Unfortunately choosing a safe look like that meat she just got washed out in the glaring light of other stars who were shining on that carpet. 

Come now, Falata and Lira's team. Miss Lira has a gorgeous bod and an awesome personality. Stop dressing her like some preacher's wife. Throw in some razzle and dazzle. Take notes from Terry Pheto and Thula Sindi collab. 

Terry never looks trashy but she sparkles in Thula Sindi's clothes. 

Take risks and you may just add style icon to Lira's rep!

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