Bonang To Star In Intersexions 2

Well it is not confirmed yet but in an exclusive interview with Vuzu's VEntertainment, Your Girl B* confirmed that she would be venturing into acting soon. She said she auditioned for a role on a "huge, huge, huge" production last week and she got the role.

This revelation came a day after our Queen B tweeted that she has just landed a new job and she Twitter *air punched* in jubilation.

Bonang was cagey about which show she will be acting on but mentioned that the show had won 18 Awards at the recent South African Film And Television Awards. Now we all know which show that is ... Intersexions.

B was absolutely right. Intersexions is a huge production and this is a great achievement for her. As a fan, I am so proud of her for adding yet another big leap in her journey to Mzansi's entertainment industry dominance.

I love Bonang. She was one of the first people to encourage me to get in front of the camera. When she launched her production company and produced her first show, Lights Camera Fashion, she called me to be part of it.

She could have picked anyone in this business, some more qualified and experienced than me but she called me to be part of her company. That was huge for me and I will forever be grateful to her for that trust and opportunity.

Unfortunately my love for Bonang has now collided with my love for this business and what it should stand for.

I am not taking anything away from Bonang because, like everybody else, she is entitled to take any opportunity that is presented to her especially when she works hard to achieve all of this.

Sadly, another road runs parallel the one the likes of Bonang are fortunate to travel. That other road is of talented individuals who have paid their dues but will never get the chances simply because they are not BRANDS.

Yes Bonang says she auditioned for her role and on merit she deserves to be on the show if the producers think she is the right person for the part. However I bet her place on that show will not go down very well with a lot of people.

Personally, I was elated for her until the reality set in. She will have to be exceptional in this role or she will be crucified because as things stand this situation is not looking good for the show or her.

We know Bonang has no acting experience. We know Bonang is an SABC 1 star. One could easily construe that having her on Intersexions would just be a PR move.

That would then beg the question; why the hell would Intersexions producers risk the credibility of the show on a little stunt like that? Let's be honest, it is not like the show needs any publicity. It is a runaway success.

Stars get jobs in Hollywood based on their star power so in those terms it would be no surprise that Bonang would get a job with no experience simply because she is Bonang.

Unfortunately this is Mzansi. In this country the opportunity pool is very small, in fact too small. If all the jobs will go to the same people where would that leave everybody else?

It is not so much that Bonang is acting, Minnie Dlamini is acting on The Wild from just being a presenter, no this is more about the calibre of the show our Queen B will be on. This would not be such a huge shock if Bonang was on Generations or any other show, but this is Intersexions.

Bonang issue aside, if this perception that one just needs to be affiliated with certain people or brands to get ahead continues to fester this will put our industry in serious jeopardy of it never being taken serious.

Our industry is too small to accommodated any sense of bias and blatant disregard for talent above popularity.

For our awards shows to have any credibility, they need to be seen as a platform to applaud excellence but when shows that get that recognition are marred by populist agenda then that will severely taint the credibility of this industry at large.

What does it say about our institutions of performing arts when the industry continues to hold auditions but opportunities seem to be handed to a selected few?

What does it say about our industry when it becomes apparent that individuals within the channels and not the viewers dictate who should be on our screens?

One could easily ask; what will professional actors in this country feel when they realise that even for the very few roles that are available they will still have to compete with the same people that are already on our radios and TVs.

It is unfortunate that someone's success should spark this consciousness about the future of the industry especially when it is someone who does not just sit on her laurels and wait for things to happen. Bonang is someone who pushes boundaries and is a role model to millions in our country.

Sadly, someone has to ask the uncomfortable questions. My love for Bonang for the amazing human-being she is compelled me to put this out with a wide perspective on the matter because I know very well that once it is confirmed it will cause a lot of hoohah...

The shock and concern is definitely warranted in this matter. One can only hope that this will not be used as an excuse to berate someone for just taking opportunities presented to her no matter how flawed some of may think the process is.

Personally, all I can say to Bonang is that she probably knew that there would be some backlash when she got the role. She is a smart girl and probably knows that she will be under a microscope, that her acting will be judged with a hope she fails so she can validate a lot of reservation.

I can only hope she is prepared for the road ahead. It is going to be a tough climb.


omphile said...

pheew.. What a novel.i always knew you loved bonang but not this much.i want to say so much but lazy to type.i am on my phone.will post a proper response when i get to a computer..LOL.this brand thing is so unfair...theres talent out there.

MA-HAZEL said...

wow! congrats to girl B cant w8. The brand thing is unfair indeed, like people have talents and it's sad that they wnt make it JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT A BRAND!So what's the use of going to auditions if ur talent and time goes down the drain?

Anonymous said...

Phil u don't have to write a monologue .if Bonang does not cut it,the producers will nicely cut her character. let's see if she can colour her emotions.She auditioned right.

PhilMphela said...

Lol Anon,

There is something called "an opininion". It's not a gospel. It would do you good to look it up.

Mandy said...

Bonang wasn't born a brand, she made herself one. She worked for it and continues to do so. Those who are still hustling must just work harder and their time will come. Complaining about other people's success is such a yawn...congrats to B*

MekwaMoney said...

I feel that it doesn't matter whether you compete with the Bonangs of this world. Surely, if you are a truly talented actor or actress you'll roll with the punches and carve a niche for yourself.Build your brand! If that's. What the industry wants.

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