Bored By Second Season Of Blame It On Fame

Have you noticed something different about Blame It On Fame? Well a lot has changed about Hlelo and Ntando's hit reality show and it is not for the better.

In a move that can only be described as a huge mistake The Masina twins' show has changed production companies and the results leave a lot to be desired.

I was a huge fan of the first season of Blame It On Fame. Sadly I can not even watch a full episode of the second season.

Visually the show just looks amateurish and the content too predictable and staged. I know there is very little that's real about reality tv but atleast make an effort to convince us otherwise.

It does not help much that the channel has moved the show from its Monday slot to a Saturday slot that is not working for the show.

Thank God for PVR or I would have never seen the show at all because Saturdays I do not really pay much attention to TV.

For the 15 minutes that I saw 2 weeks ago I picked up few things. Firstly the new production company is way out of its league in terms of shooting a show of that calibre. The camera work is sloppy at best.

Then there was the content. In the episode I watched there was something about the girls going to Mpumalanga to visit their grandmother's grave. That took almost the entire 15 minutes I plucked to watch and what a waste of time that was.

On the other hand, it would seem the show is unintentionally exposing the twinz different personalities. Ntando seemed as bored in the show as I was watching them.

Of course Hlelo is a ray of sunshine and would probably make watching paint dry fun with her bubbly personality but truth be told, even she can not redeem this train wreck.

The show almost feels like an after thought like the kinda show that a star would do "just nje". It lacks some oomph and pizzass.

This second season of the show is now produced by Black Brain. The production company that is responsible for SABC 1's hit comedy, City Ses'la and Ses'top La!

The first season was done by Rapid Blue.

What the hell did they do to my favourite show?


omphile said...

thank u so much for doing a review on this hot mess..loved first season this one is a draaag.that nthando chick is a nag.i hate watching tv shows that make me feel or look y u watching these narcissits..which is the case with this show

Anonymous said...

I agree but hey id rather be bored by these twins than Dineo Ranaka itjooooooooo!

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