SABC Wants YOU To Review Their TV And Radio Shows

In a move that is certainly going to score the SABC some major points if they follow through on it, the public broadcaster has taken a bold step to finally listen to what viewers and listeners want on their TV and radio.

The SABC is inviting TV viewers and radio listeners of the SABC's 3 TV stations and 18 radio stations to tell the broadcaster what it is they don't like, what they do like and what they want to see and hear on TV and radio in what the SABC calls a "Make Your Voices Heard" campaign.

The SABC says its wants to get feedback on all of its programming content such as music, its news and current affairs offerings.
"It is very important for our own audience to comment about our content, to comment about the way we do things at the SABC, so that we do not just wake up and decide for people what they want - their programming, their content. They need to contribute," says Hlaudi Motsoeneng, the SABC's acting chief operating officer (COO). 
"We hope the our community will influence the direction we are taking."
The TV shows Shift, Matric's Uploaded and YO.TV on SABC1, Morning Live and Hectic Nine-9 on SABC2 and Three Talk with Noeleen on SABC3 will be used to engage with viewers on what exactly they want to see on the SABC's TV channels.

Viewers will also be able to comment on TV content through the SABC's Facebook pages and Twitter.

We are always complaining about the content on our TV. Provided this is not just some campaign to save face since the parastatal has been in hot water with the govern for its misuse of funds, this could really change the face of television and radio in this country.

Finally the power could rest with the audience instead of some incompetent ego driven individuals at the helm. Who knows, maybe we might just see some of the awful shows off the airways and making room for more fresher ideas.

We do not get to commend that SABC for a lot so this is something we can applaud the public broadcaster for. Finally someone has recognised the importance of listening to your client.

Is this a dawn of a new day in the entertainment industry? Only time will tell.

The campaign is running from Tuesday August 07th until Friday 10th August.

Viewers and listeners of the SABC have the chance to email the broadcaster at


Anonymous said...

The dates dont make sense, fromAugust 17th until Friday 10th August???

PhilMphela said...

Sorry about the dates. All sorted!

MekwaMoney said...

I already have my e-mail penned, I just hope our e-mails won't be in vain. It would be sad to see such an brilliant opportunity for the broadcaster to endear themselves to us, go to waste

omphile said...

they should get rid of generations,mzanzi insider,selimathunzi and yotv.

MA-HAZEL said...

They musn't just change programmes but actors as well out with the old in with the new.

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