Feather Awards 2012 Nominee List Review

Yep its that time of the year again. Yerr time flies, not that I am complaining. I cant wait for this year to be over. Anyway the nominee list for the Feathers landed on my inbox this week. Unfortunately I am out of town so I wasn't able to attend the party on Wednesday when the announcements were made. 

Looks like I may have spared myself the horror of being disappointed by these awards once again. As the Feather Awards seem to be growing in prominence, the significance and credibility of the awards seem to be eroding.

Perusing through the list of nominees I could not help but keep asking myself, who comes up with these names. Seriously people, yes Khanyi Dhlomo is an inspiration to a lot of young people, gay or not, but what has she done in the past year that warrants recognition for the year. When last did you ever read or hear anything about Ms Dhlomo?

Then there is Tina Mkwaiwa who is nominated in the DRAMA QUEEN category. How many gay people in this country are really interested in what Tina does? 

Musicians Of The Year category features the likes of The Soil and The Muffinz, yes I paused for sec on that one too. Really?! Someone actually thinks gay South Africans hold these two groups at the top of their list for 2012 in the music industry. 

As if to add insult to injury under the Cutest Couple category you have Tall Ass Mo and someone called MOMO. Ok maybe I am out of the loop but can someone tell me who in this country, gay or straight, looks up these two as a couple?

Is not all bad though, the gorgeous Lerato Kganyago deservedly makes an entry on the list. I love this girl and have to admit that she has made quite a mark in the gay radar. I will go on the limb and state that she is the only female celeb in this country who is likely to take on Our Girl B* as a young icon for gays. The fags love this girl. 

If you thought Miss Mbau is old news, think again! The gays may have blasted her book but it seems they can not get her out of their minds. Khanyi still commands a huge following within the gay community with or without the bling. 

Surprisingly Selimathunzi presenter finally nabs a nod even though the buzz around him seems to have died down recent months. One would have expected him to have been nominated last year when he was at the height of his popularity but he is a sweet boy so no complaints from me there.

I know it seems like we keep bashing the awards every year but they say if you say it loud enough someone might hear it and do something. I will reiterate my previous sentiments; For these awards to ever have the prestige they so deserve the organisers will have to work on enforcing their mission statement a little more credibly.

The awards claim to be; a celebration of public figures – in the entertainment, sports and business fields – that the gay community finds inspiring, amusing, or just plain scandalous.   

With that can the process and final product reflect those values. 

Perhpas the organisers need to engage with the gay community better. How about using the awards' public platform to gauge what gays in this country find inspiring, amusing and scandalous about our public figures. 

At present the awards seem like nothing more than just an excuse for the organisers to party and suck-up to their favourite celebs. They reflect very little about what the gay community in this country finds interesting. 

If these awards are to avoid being redundant, irrelevant and eventually irreverent a serious engagement with fans is vital and needed promptly. The organisers ought to use platforms like their website to share with the public information about these individuals they plan on nominated prior to the actual nomination. 

That way they can give the fans an opportunity to be part of the process thus giving credence to the claim that these awards represent a broad spectrum of gay fans. 

That said, one thing you cant fault The Feathers Awards for is flair for glamour and entertainment. This year once again the organisers promise that the ceremony will be cheeky and audacious as it has become synonymous with the event over the past 4 years. 

This year the awards will be broadcast on national TV for the very first time since their debut in 2009. 

Awards founder and co-producer Thami Kotlolo;
“It feels amazing to have actually reached 4 years of the Feathers! The ceremony has been so well-embraced, and supported across the board”  
“The Feathers are now a firm part of the Mzansi entertainment scene – and more importantly, have created a platform for sexual minorities to express themselves about the lighter side of life. We deal with so many heavy and serious issues as gays and lesbians in South Africa – this is just one night where we kick back be fabulous,  and give a ‘Cheers, darling!’ to people who inspire us!”
And the Nominees are : 

Drama Queen – These are personalities we read about every Sunday over breakfast, their lives revolve around a lot of dramatic behavior and situations. 
Tshidi Tenyane 
Bishop Keith Harrington
Tina Mkwaiwa
Sello Maake ka Ncube 

Best Styled Female – These are the ladies who consistently kept up their style throughout the year.
Jeannie D
Minnie Dlamini
Melinda Bam
Lindiwe Sisulu

Best Styled Male  - The men that have remained stylish throughout the year.
Melusi Yeni
Linda Makhanya
Sbu Leope

Musician of the Year - musicians we love to listen to on,  and off stage.
Toya Delazy
The Muffinz
The Soil 

Fag Hag  - Need we say more??  They never leave their home without their favorite accessories - a gay friend. 
Samkelo Ndlovu
Lucia Mthiyane
Lerato Kganyago
Bonang Matheba

Cutest Couple  - These are couples people adore and look up to.
Momo &a Tall Ass Mo
Khanyi Mbau & Tebogo Lerole
Sphectacula & Naves
DJ Fresh & Euphonik

Diva Extraordinaire - These women always carry themselves well, and have a strong & dignified presence. 
Lindiwe Sisulu
Lindiwe Mazibuko
Khanyi Dhlomo
Michelle Botes

Socialite of the Year - Seen at every event! Whether it’s the opening of an envelope or an erection of a stop sign…
Linda Moeketsi & Shekeshe “Shakes” Mokgosi
Kgomotso Christopher
Lerato Kganyago
Miza Modibedi

Sports Personality of the Year - People who have inspired in the world of sports 
Siboniso Gaxa
Katlego Mphela
Chad le Clos
Cameron van der Burgh

Hot Chick of the Year  – these are women who ooze a lot of sex appeal.
Kgomotso Christopher
Gail Nkoane
Melinda Bam
Jay Anstey

Hunk of the Year - These men just ooze that X-factor!  You look at them and you just want a strong hug. 
Lunga Shabalala
Greg Hammond
Warrick “Warras” Scott
Tyrone Keogh 

Role Model of the Year - They never put their foot wrong in the public eye, and can be relied on to contribute positively to society.
Thuli Madonsela
Khanyi Dlhomo
Caster Semenya
Chad le Clos

There you have it Mzansi!! Come November 7th the winners will be announced at a glitzy ceremony in Johannesburg. As mentioned, they will also be broadcast on national tv...that will be on SABC 1

Congrats to the nominees!!!

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