Hi guys,

I have been reading your Tweets and messages. I know I have not been active on my website for a while. I apologise. Life has been hectic and I have bee overwhelmed by some personal stuff. 

Truth be told though, I am also bored by the entertainment industry at the moment. There is nothing exciting out there to share. TV has become redundant with old shows. I have not really been paying much attention to what's happening because frankly there isn't anything worth saying attention to anymore. 

In terms of the industry at large, we have to admit that this industry is dying a slow and painful death. When South Africa's biggest selling artist puts out an amateurish looking video like "Umthwalo wam'" then that is a cause for concern. 

There is nothing fresh, just rehashed stuff and individuals being swapped around from one channel to the other and one radio station to the next. Need I mention the constant magazine covers with the same people revealing nothing new  about just one thing yet they get a 3 page feature spread. 

It's sad and painful to watch something you love being reduced to this but unfortunately in this country audiences and readers do not matter to the powers that be. They call the shots and for as long as we continue to swallow their garbage they will keep doing what they are doing. 

That said, I apologise again for my absence here. I promise once all these mess in my life has been sorted I will have time to share with you guys my thoughts. 


Phil Mphela  

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