Vuzu's Guilty Pleasure Is A Drag

Vuzu's hitting the right notes these days. The variety on the pay-tv channel is commendable. Someone at the channel's helm deserves a bells. Of all the new shows on the channel none has created as much buzz as RuPaul's Drag Race which has attracted a viewership across genders, ages, races and sexual orientations.

The decision by the channel to run this surprising hit as back-to-back seasons marathon to catch up with the American run of the show has made RupAul's Drag race one of the most talked about shows on South African tv, even if sometimes it is behind close doors.

Words like Sashay and Shantay have become common phrases in restaurants, bars or whenever friends who watch the show get together.

Yes, Drag Race has become Mzansi's little guilty pleasure as gays can not wait to tune in to see the Queens strut their stuff, girls marvel at the skills of the contestants to evoke the female essense and the straight boys pretend not to know what the show is about but just happen to know all the contestants by name.

It is funny how in 2012 people still think watching certain television shows define one's sexuality. It is ridiculous. Over the few months of the show's run I have been caught in some interesting conversations about the show where someone would say they do not watch the show but just happens to know all the phrases that come from it.

Nonetheless, VUZU has really hit the right notes with its content. The channel has certainly revived itself from being a juvenile channel  to a formidable force in South African television.

From variety of local and international reality shows, game shows, sitcoms, a well produced up-to-date  entertainment news show and some of the latest hit shows.

However, DRag Race stands shoulder above the rest. Despite the homophobia that still blatantly exists in today’s society, this show has broken some barriers in television around the world and continues to do the same in our country.

Now sashay away and have an awesome week :)

Catch RuPaul's Drag Race on Vuzu Monday to Wednesday at 21h30

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