Actress Andrea Dondolo Makes A Difference

One of my favorite people in this business who also happens to be an award winning Performing Artist and Social Entrepreneur Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo (Ayanda in Stokvel , Nandie in Home Affairs) has taken on a project mission to combat illiteracy in our communities and YOU can be part of the process.   

The actress is pioneering a movement with a project called Back to My Roots Motivational Tour- Walking/Reading for Mobile Libraries Project.

Andrea says she decided to embark on this mission to exploit the potential and possibilities possessed and presented by being well known as a TV personality to contribute positively and raise funds for a worthy cause.
"What informed this decision is: The lack of reading with understanding in our children especially those in the villages who are constantly plagued by lack of resources and facilities and proper support systems,a challenge that sees them grow up into illiterate adults who read/ cram words  only to pass to the next grade with no prospects of using that information for future reference. 
On 5 Oct 2012. I had a breakfast meeting with a Japanese gentleman Mr Tadashi "Tad" Hasunuma the director of SAPESI..South African Primary Education Support Initiative...they have a mobile libraries project so I wanted to collaborate with them to add value to their work as  the Face/Brand Ambassador  for their project. 
I will walk 5km's first then gradually increase the kilometres as I progress with this project and my pit-stops will be at schools where I will give a motivational speech to children at school raising awareness in them to better understand the importance of Reading!"
You can be part of this amazing initiative by offering Andrea any sort or form of assistance will be as this is a long term project!

I am all about giving back so I fully support Andrea in this endeavour and hope you will too. 

For info on the project and details on how to be part of it if you wanna offer any assistance you can log on to Andrea's website:

You can email her on:

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