Beyoncé Looses Court Battle Over Blue Ivy Name

Beyoncé and hubby Jay-Z have lost their legal bid to trademark their baby daughter Blue Ivy's moniker. The superstar couple filed a trademark application shortly after Blue Ivy's birth in January 2012 reportedly because Beyoncé wanted to put out a line of children's clothing.

While being a new mommy might have brought a lot of delight to Queen Bey and may have given her some publicity, 2012 was not really a glorious year for Bey career-wise. 

Her latest offering 4 failed to garner as much acclaim and commercial success as her previous albums

House of Dereon clothing line is not really making waves in the fashion industry either while its spawn  Dereon Kid’s line came under severe fire for sexualizing children in its advertisements. 

No surprise then that the Caters wanted to milk Blue Ivy publicity for all its worth. Yah ne!!

Fortunately, that dream may still be alive as, according to the Boston Herald, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office sent the hip-hop royals a letter turning down their petition to retain "Blue Ivy" for the very specific business venture of an event planning business (not the entire trademark outright), siding with Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexandra, who was forced to defend her company's good name.

The ruling means Blue Ivy Events can continue to operate under its current designation. 

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