McIntosh Goes French On Us After His Jub Jub Gaffe

Former Etv reporter and now Hawks spokes person McIntosh Polela got himself in a little trouble on Tuesday when he Tweeted what I personally think was a funny comment following Jub Jub's Guilty verdict.

"I trust that JubJub's [sic] supporters gave him a jar of Vaseline to take to prison," Polela posted at the time.
However it's his apology after the backlash that had me shaking my head. Mr Polela formally known as Nzimande said;
"My tweet about Jub Jub on Tuesday nite [sic] was in poor taste," 
"I profoundly regret posting and hereby retract it. Je suis desole". {sic}
Lol, you all know that McIntosh has that very strange accent of his but why the heck would he use French in his apology to South Africans?

It seems McIntosh has not only repelled his father, as he stated his book about changing his surname, he seems hellbent on a South African by default. While he is entitled to speak in any accent or language he chooses, I found myself thinking my South African brother is not only refusing to sound South African he is now ditching our languages completely.

Some IsiZulu would have sufficed even if you pronounced it like you in pain. Especially now that you are a spokesperson for an organisation that is meant to serve this country.

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