Perv Or Purge: Anga Makubalo

When a loyal reader of this site asked me about Anga I had no idea who that is. Truth be told I had never even heard of the name before. He proceeded to tell me that Anga Makubalo is MJ on Generations, like that would help, and I still drew a blank until he sent me a picture of him.

When I got the picture I figured who cares about the guy's name when he looks like that. Where people like Anga are concerned you lead with the picture and ask about the name later. Less clothes - the better!

The 22 year old Johannesburg based actor/ muso from Port Elizabeth is said to have been sending hearts racing for a while on South Africa's biggest TV show, Generations.

I haven't watched Generations since the days of Vatiswa Ndara hence the clueless-ness about Anga but I will admit the brotha is a looker.

Though he plays a 17 year old boy on the show, Anga has been legal for a while so you are not breaking  any laws if you find yourself having dirty thoughts about this Xhosa brother.  

I did some personal research on the guy among some industry friends and am happy to announce that this guy is one of very few people in this industry that nobody has anything negative to say about.

Word is that Anga is a sweet humble boy who comes across very shy in public. Long may he stay that way!! This industry can mess up some people once they think they have arrived... duku duku!

Anga clearly takes care of himself and his body (that sports scholarship did him good) but does he have what it takes to pique your attention in a room full of hotties?

It is not enough just to have a six pec, well maybe it is, but as we have seen with some individuals in this business, after a while we get bored of a person's looks and want them to deliver some talent.

I can not say anything about Anga's talents as I have never really seen him act. I hear he is a musician too, again I have never heard him sing so I can not comment on that.

However, I give him props for his character. People in the business love him just as much as his fans do for his sweet and humble nature while he has every reason to have a big head. Generations may have lost its prestige but it is still the biggest show in this country so the boy is a star in his own right.

Follow him: @NaakMusiQ

Watch him:
  • Generations on SABC 1, weekdays at 20h00
* Anga is said to be releasing his album some time next year. 

So do we Perv Or Purge?!

Perv if you think he has potential - Purge if you think not!


Anonymous said...

Many girls say that he is a womanizer and that he cheats with several woman not forgetting that he has 3 kids with different woman in sa. Angi Thandi lo muntu

Unknown said...

He is HOT... And word in the rumor-mill is that the brother swings for the other team... Perv

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