Breakout Stars Of 2012

I have not really been on the circuit much this year but there are few individuals, that I had never heard of in 2011, who piqued my interest in 2012. Some of them are not household names yet and some are just bubbling under the radar but I believe they have a bright future in this industry and in time they will shine.

The Stars
  • Anga Makubalo

Local soapie Generations has launched many a careers and been the demise of some. I never really pay too much attention to someone if his or her fame rests only on being on Generations — for the aforementioned reason. Once in a while though, comes a star that gets a chance to be on Generations and a career in entertainment blossoms. This past year that star has been Anga.

I did not know who he was but kept getting messages about him. Upon investigation I learned that Mzansi might just have a new hearthrob (with talent) in the making. Anga is an actor and musician who is set to have a bright future in this business and he is down-to-earth. I am only happy to introduce him to you if you have not heard of him. Read more about him here.  
  • Lerato Kganyago

I had seen Lerato around at some industry events but never knew what she did for a living beside being a former Miss Soweto. That was until the Jub Jub drama. I saw him on SowetoTV being interviewed by this gorgeous girl. While the interview was interesting, I was not sold on the show because of its low production value. 5 to 6 episodes later I was hooked on the LKG show mainly because of its presenter. Through the show I learned that Lerato has not had it easy in this industry. She is a big dreamer like I am and refused to play to the tune of this fickle industry thus alienating herself from the "clique".

Episodes after episode I was intrigued, inspired and informed. I looked beyond the beauty and saw a young South African who is destined for greatness — if only our industry could stop the silly politics and give true passion and talent a chance. 

Now Lerato has finally made it from community tv to a national channel. Prominence beckons for Ms Kganyago. At last South Africa is taking notice of this humble beauty. She now hosts The Link on SABC 1. Haven't really followed the show because of its timeslot but the critics have given it a thumbs up. Looking forward to seeing Lerato climb up the ladder.  
  • Nandi Mngoma

Thanks to the LKG show, otherwise it probably would have taken me another year to know who Nandi is. I saw her being interviewed by Lerato Kganyago and was immediately enamoured with this pintsize beauty. She strikes me as smart, grounded and meticulous in creating a path for her career that she wants to be proud of. She is a singer and aspiring TV Presenter and has won a fan in me. 
  • Khaya Mthethwa

A lot of people wanted Khaya to win as soon as they heard him sing his rendition of Nicki Minaj's Superbass. Honestly I was not sold on that. I was a Tshidi supporter through and through. However, when Khaya covered Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" he won my vote and I was ok with either one between he and Tshidi to win Season 8 of Idols South Africa. Khaya looks set to be a star. I'm eagerly anticipating to hear his full album. 
  • Tall Ass Mo and Mome

Oh lawd, where do I start with this two. I will be honest, when I first saw the promo for MoLove on Vuzu; I thought "what the hell?". I really did not enjoy watching that Cartel-something show which Mome was in and as unique as her fashion is I think sometimes she does look tacky. Being unique is no excuse for wearing clothes that are two sizes small for you. 

In case you haven't picked it up, I was not expecting much from Tall Ass Mo and Mome's show but boy was I surprised. Yeah MoLove knocked the silly ignorance off of me.

Of all the reality shows we have had about local personalities ever, MoLove is in a league of its own and leaves the competition out in the cold. 

It is not so much about the format because we all know there is nothing real about reality shows, it is the entertainment that is Tall Ass Mo and his wife. The guy is funny, Mome is just in a world of her own and together they are just riot without being vulgar or trying too hard to be something they are not. 

These two have proven that you do not have to debase yourself or sell your soul for fame or so called 'good tv'. There are people that are naturally entertaining and Mzansi ... #MoLove is the epitome of that.   

On My Radar
  • Tshidi Tenyane

I still believe that a finale between Khaya Mthetha and Tshidi would have been an event to remember. Unfortunately Ms Thang as unceremoniously eliminated from the show no thanks to her "snooty' comment to her young fans not to jump on her. 

Tshidi has since set the record straight that she was fearful for her safety. If you please. Well to be fair after seeing Khaya having a fence fall on him and his face cut, I can understand that these rowdy kids can be dangerous when they have a star in their midst. 

Seriously though, I loved Tshidi through out the competition  She was the one for me and much as I warmed up to Khaya I still thought there was something extra about Tshidi that Khaya lacked. 

I genuinely do not believe Idols as the last we had heard of Tshidi. Watchout for that girl she might just pull a Jennifer Hudson of all of us.
  • Rorisang Thandekiso

I had never hear of Rorisang until I saw her on the LKG show. Needless to say I was very impressed by her intellect and insight on everything, from politics to the industry and the future. I can not wait to see the this go places. She is a great rolemodel for young girls.
  • Luzuko Ntekelo

I think I have said enough about this guy. Cool guy, talented and grounded. Read here
  • Shadow by Sidumiso

I saw a picture of an outfit by this designer on a friend's BBM DP and I fell in love. I love it when designers use African fabrics in a contemporary kind of way. Not as redundant as "some of our local designers" are with the whole African designs. 

I searched for the designer and while I will admit that they could work on putting up more information about their business online, these Zimbabwean designers' garment are a fresh take on the whole African designs thing. I  ill definitely be wearing one of the suits soon. 

There you have it. These are the people that I personally think are worth looking out for because they are going places. Support them and lets allow true talent and humility reign. 

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