Jennifer Hudson Owns A Country Song

When I am feeling down I listen to country music. I just love it. The lyrics of most country songs tell a story that just takes you on a journey with the singer. I was shocked but not that surprised when I found out that my favourite ballad at the moments is actually a cover of a country song. 

Undoubtedly the biggest voice our generation since Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson has been a force to be reckoned with in the music scene since her debut on Americal Idol where she did not even make the top 5 cut. 

Since then this charismatic woman has won numerous awards, sold millions of cds and famously stole Beyonce's shine on Dreamgirls with a performance that earned her an Oscar.  

Eight years on the spotlight has shone on her for both the honorific (her above mentioned Oscar in 2007 for “Dreamgirls”) and horrific (the 2008 murder of her mother, brother and nephew) moments. 

So when our diva she sings “I’ve been through some things” most of us who love her say —  honey, we know!

In her second album "I Remember" (dropped in 2011) JHud proves she is here to stay. Tracks like Why Is So Hard and Where You At in the album hit all the right notes melodically and lyrically. 

But one track has been my favourite for quite a while and recently when I have been going through some tough time, it has been my lift-me-up track. 

I sometimes joke that the closest I will ever get to loving Gospel music is to listen to is Jennifer Hudson and Opera music. When I heard "Believe" for the first time it just transported me to that gospel space.

The song has had so much impact on me that I just had to find out who wrote it. Lo and behold I learn that the song is actually a cover for a country song.  

Just like the biggest hit of the biggest voice in the 90s, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You", which was written by a country singer as a country song Dolly Parton, Believe by the biggest voice of the 2000s as written as a country song for Brooks And Dunn. 

After listen to the original country version  I have to admit that Jennifer Hudson has taken the song and made it her on with her huge soul/gospel/RnB range.  

Her church-trained RnB diva voice is a sure instrument for belting the ballads and she owns this track with her version just as Whitney did with "I Will Always Love You", affirming hat I believe. 

I believe Jennifer is the late Whitney's successor as the voice of our generation. 

If you have any doubts then watch her perform the track in the video below, also watch the expression on Brooks and Dunn's faces as they probably can not believe that Jennifer has taken their song and made it her on in a beautiful way.

Watch and listen to the original  Brooks & Dunn country version below:

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