Shoki Teams Up With Moshidi On Rhythm City

There is a group of black women in this country that I hold to high esteem when it comes to acting. They are young, vivacious and know how to sink their teeth in those good roles that are so rare in our shows. One of them happens to be Shoki Sebotsane. Who can forget her spell-bounding performance on Death Of A Queen? 

Best known for her role in the original Muvhango as Tumi Mokoena, Shoki has been a constant feature on South African television. 

It was her role as Grace Lerothodi in SABC 1's Shakespeare In Mzansi Mini-series, Death Of A Queen where she plays arch manipulator parading as a devout traditionalist that she on me over as a fan. Her performance was somewhat kamikaze-esque. It left me wondering if she could ever top it. 

Upon hearing that Moshidi was returning to Rhythm City I immediately thought to myself that I hope that they will pair her with someone who can challenge her and when I learned that she will be in cahoots with a character played by Shoki Sebotsane, I was elated. 

Finally something exciting to look forward to on SA television in terms of local content. 

I will confess that I have not been watching Rhythm City since Naomi got arrested. I am so over David Genaro. The character has become as redundant as Cherel De Villiers Haines has on Isidingo. 

I am however a huge fan of Moshidi, and while I am a bit worried that her storyline is getting a bit too unrealistic (how many times is she gonna getaway with her antics or come back every time she has to pay for them?) I will watch her for the acting alone. 

The addition of Shoki to the cast will definitely have me back as a regular viewer.

I was a bit disappointed by Bonnie Henna's story-line. It did not really give her room to own the role. 

Hopefully the scriptwriters will allow Shoki's character to exist on its own merit and not just as a shadow of Naomi or a space filler like they did with Bonnie's. What a waste of talent that was.   

Now add Mbali Ntuli, Manaka Ranaka and Zikhona Sodlaka with challenging story-lines and strong characters then I would be glued to Rhythm City every weekday.  

FYI: Shoki is married to Paul Sebotsane who played Philane on Stokvel among many other shows. 35 year old Tzaneen born star is a mother, fashion designer and a Sangoma (traditional healer). 

Catch Shoki on Rhythm City causing havoc with Moshidi Motshegwa against Ivan and his daughter Nkhensani from January 2013 at 18h30 weekdays on Etv. 

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