Tamar Braxton Hits No.1

She is loud, crass and sometimes down right obnoxious as we got to know her on Vuzu's Braxton Family Values. Be that as it may, there is no denying that Toni Braxton's little sister caught everybody's attention and we all knew she was going to milk it for all its worth. I am not complaining ...

While Toni's career seems to have all but faded away with time, Tamar's is slowly blossoming. 

After owning her screen time during the family's successful reality show, the charismatic entertainer scored a spin-off with her record-executive husband Vincent Herbert called "Tamar & Vince." hgich just rapped its first season in the States.

Three weeks ago Tamar Braxton released her single Love and War which shot to the top of the iTunes chart and got her massive media attention.  

But the youngest Braxton sister has quickly learned that life in the limelight has its share of challenges. 

Rumors began to swirl about the star bleaching her skin and getting plastic surgery then there was that Beyonce incident just a week or so ago on a talkshow when she made a comment about Mrs Carter's alleged fake pregnancy

Soon after while Tamar was on the radio promoting Love and War a Beyonce Stan called and told Tamar,  
"At least Beyonce didn't have to sleep with the Marshmello Man to get her life!" 


The positive kept rolling in though. The rising star got praise from music critics for her song's strong lyrics and her vocal abilities.

She even received an extra promotional push from Lady Gaga through a tweet the singer sent to her fans.

Not only is Tamar's single is no.1, it beat established charts bigwigs Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to the spot.

Billboard still hasn't embraced her though... Tamar's single is #96 on the Billboard Hot 100 

Tamar released her debut album "Tamar" in "2000," which never charted on the Billboard charts.

I listened to the track and I like it. I don't LOVE it because I'm not really a big fan of R&B as such.

Her latest album is said to be out on February 2013, will it finally break the mold  If Love and War is any indication of what to expect, I firmly expect this Braxton to take the reigns from her big sis and conquer.  

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omphile said...

U can't win stepping on the queens toes..she look too fake for my liking

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