Trey Songz Gay Kiss Drama

Last week or so a picture surfaced on Twitter of two guys kissing and it as claimed that the other guy on the picture is Trey. I paid no attention to it. Firstly because the picture is not clear enough to say for certain that it is him. 2 weeks later the picture is still causing a buzz on blog-sphere all over the world.

I have said it before that "outing" people is not really cool. It is however interesting hen the outed person happens to be a male heartthrob ho has millions of girls clamoring to get his attention everywhere he goes. 

It also does not help much when the gay rumours seem to follow the said star everywhere. 

As with someone like Chris Brown for instance, every suggestive picture of him being affectionate with a guy will inevitably ignite a fury of gay rumors. A pic like this one below for example: 

The pic is innocent enough at first. Just two guys pictured playing in the water. Guys do that sometimes. Now read the information below and see how that affects your judgement of this picture. 

Just earlier this year American blogs went berserk over news that former B2K memeber Raz B was writting a book. In it he apparently accuses Omarion, Lil’ Fizz, J Boog, Ray J, and Chris Brown of all being gay.

In the published extracts he is quoted:

On B2K:
“There were no girls; there were no breaks, and absolutely NO meat. Our diet was so strict that I remember passing out during rehearsals because of our heavily restricted diet.” Thornton goes on to say, “More important than the food was girls. Girls were not allowed to even have our number. Chris(Stokes) would say that girls were a distraction, but in reality, it was just for his own sexual desires.” 
“Chris was gay- he tried his best to hide his sexual appetite from his family, but we knew. Chris would make us (members of B2k) go into rooms and have oral and sometimes anal sex. He often time would take pictures of us engaging in sex acts. To this day, I think he still has those images.” 
“Me and Boog (Jarell Houston, known as J. Boog) resisted the most. Fizz and Omari (Omarion) however seemed a lot easier to take advantage of. I suspect it was because Fizz was so much younger and Omari was just gay.” 
On Chris Brown:
“They say you never know who knows who. Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online.  I have a friend that’s very close to Chris’ camp who told me that Chris was involved with an up and coming songwriter Andre Merritt. So when  Chris started going in calling people ‘gay’ and ‘fags’ I just dropped Andre Merritt’s name. I knew it was true when he decided to shut up.”
Once the gay rumours start swirling every little thing the suspected guy does is seen as proof that he is gay. No surprise then that this pictures caused such a frenzy. 

Then there is this video of Trey dry humping Drake at some concert in the States (it one of many on Youtube by the way):

These kinda incidents are not helping much if Trey is really a straight man who just likes being affectionate and playing with other men.

The obsession with showing his behind on stage and in pictures is not helping to defuse the rumours.  

Songs like "Bottoms Up" and "Does He Do It" haven't really helped much either in amping up Trey's straightness... if you catch my drift. 

Trey kinda addressed the photo murmur without really denying it. He just shrugged it off in a general statement via Twitter

I know gay men like saying everybody is gay. However, if Trey really is gay and was caught kissing a guy, so what? Does that take anything away from his talent? 

Yeah it may crash a few girls dreams but hey the brotha may be BI so everybody can get a piece of him. 

Whether you believe this pic is Trey or not, you just gotta ask why could he allow anyone to take a pic of him kissing a guy? Then again these artists do silly things to stay relevant. He may just want the gay thing to keep swirling so that he can get the ladies and gay support that other artists enjoy. 

Let's face it Trey is not really an A-List musician at the moment. Anything for a buzz!

I have to admit though, Neighbours Know My Name lyrics have taken a whole new meaning since this came to my attentiuon :)


omphile said...

I don't care..that motherfucker is fine.and I think being gay is a choice.trey booty is fine..let him expose it.the gay boys like to say everybody gay for their own lil #noHomo

omphile said...

I don't care..that motherfucker is fine.and I think being gay is a choice.trey booty is fine..let him expose it.the gay boys like to say everybody gay for their own lil #noHomo

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