One Day Leader Returns To SABC 1

One of my favourite shows to have ever come out of this country, One Day Leader, will premiere its second season this coming Sunday. The first season of the show was a real conversation starter on social media with each episode tackling issues that affect young South Africans and the country at large.

I of course had my favourite in Season 1 but unfortunately she lost out to someone I personally considered more of a populist and playing to the emotions and the chorus chants of our nation instead of tackling pressing issues head on and giving sound solutions to the problems we face. 

Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoyed the show and am looking forward to the second season. 

A press release by the channel reports that the new season's contestants will only be revealed in the first episode of the show. 
Coming from various provinces, these young people were invited for interviews to determine the final top six. 
The top six have been selected, but will only be revealed to the nation in the first episode of One Day Leader season two, on SABC1 Sunday, 17 February at 18:30.
One Day Leader, a 13 part reality series looks at youth leadership and the role they play in the development of our country. Six young South Africans showcase their leadership skills by tackling modern day social, economic and political issues to compete for the title of One Day Leader. 
Each week six contestants are given a specific theme to consider and investigate in order to formulate a personal opinion and a vision that will inspire the youth of South Africa watching SABC1. To arrive at this vision, the candidates must investigate effects and implications that the theme has hold for the people in pre-selected ‘model’ locations; Orange Farm, Khayelitsha and Hammanskraal.  
The contestants must execute challenges in these areas as a team to create a deeper understanding of the extent of the problems and form a vision based on their experiences. The tasks are filmed and feature at the beginning of each episode. Having completed their tasks, the candidates must prepare a 60 second presentation summarizing their vision as related to the theme of the day. 
This presentation forms the inciting remarks for studio debates where the candidates interrogate each other and are interrogated by judges Phuti Mahanyele and Shaka Sisulu. Each candidate is fighting for the favour of viewers who vote via sms during each episode for the leader whose vision they support.  
There can only be one winner, the candidate who is able to obliterate arguments, visions and interrogation attempts from their competitors. At all times candidates are judged and evaluated on One Day Leader’s six pillars of leadership; willingness, vision, attitude, influence, action and accountability.
One Day Leader will be broadcast from Sunday, 17 February at 18:30 on SABC1.
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