Celebrities Invited To Give Back To Their Home Provinces

Following a plight by the youth in search of a big break in the media, fashion and entertainment industries, Lifestyle Tabloids, in partnership with Loocha magazine, is embarking on a national skills development campaign and is inviting celebrities born and bred outside Gauteng to give back to their communities through MADE-IN initiative.

 Created exclusively for the previously disadvantaged youth living outside Gauteng province, the core mission of this very exciting campaign is to expose and nurture creative talent often ignored in rural provinces, by providing a series of FREE media, fashion and entertainment workshops to be presented by seasoned industry veterans.
“South Africa has a large pool of unutilized talent because initiatives of this nature tend to cater to those living in bigger cities. As such, we have decided to shift our focus from Johannesburg and create an opportunity for those living in smaller geographical areas.” said Kenneth Bassito Mahloane, Group CEO for Lifestyle Tabloids.
The campaign will integrate theory with practical insights when addressing functional areas of these three industries. It will see candidates being equipped with basic skills essential in the cut-throat world of fame and fortune, which will be followed by auditions. 

To add to the excitement, the campaign is inviting celebrities & business people born outside “Egolihood” to be part of a team of ambassadors passionate about giving back to their fans back home.
“It is important for Mzansi celebrities to acknowledge that amidst all the fame and fortune, there are many individuals out there who aspire to be like them, but whose dreams are often killed by the lack of opportunities endemic in small and impoverished provinces. It will be very selfish of us to turn a blind eye on this reality, and therefore the vision of this campaign is to create a movement of selfless media & business people willing to dedicate their time in uplifting those from their place of birth,” elaborated Bassito.
The campaign will kick off with MADE IN NW second term of this year, followed by MADE IN ZN, MADE IN EC, MADE IN FS and so on. 

Ambassadorship enquiries can be directed to info@lifestyletabloids.co.za or +27(0) 71 912 2455. 

The youth interested in being part of the workshops can sms the word ‘MEDIA’ to 34222 at a cost of R2 per SMS.

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