I Am Bored By South African Television Content

Yah ne. I know I haven't been posting much on here so I thought I would let you guys know why. Frankly I am bored outta my skull. 

A lot of impartial entertainment reporters (The ones that don't put their journalistic integrity on the line just to suck up) would lay the blame on SABC a lot for the slow death of South African entertainment industry but that is not fair. Yes the public broadcaster has some serious problem but this year all channels across the board have really dropped the bar. 

Local content on South African television this year is a yawn fest. Even the return of some of my favorite shows and actors on to our screens has not done much to help the situation.

My favorite show of all time Intersexions now on its second season seem more like Soul City than the groud-breaking  phenomenon it was on its first. Intersexions 2 still delivers on the quality of actors and it is shot beautifully, bigup to the DOP and Director! Sadly the plot is a fail!

Much of the success of the first season was the surprise factor. Everything about the show was fresh. The plot  had all the ingredients for a great show. This time around it is all predictable and seem more like a PSA than a compelling storytelling platform. 

What went wrong Intersexions?! 

Rhythm City, why oh why did they decide to bring back Naomi when they knew they did not really have a strong enough reason to bring her back except to get people like me who loved the character all excited for nothing?

Naomi's return to RC has failed to conjure the same type of excitement it did last year. Her stay has become somewhat redundant and the fact that the show has one stale character that seem to get away with literally murder all the time, David Genaro , did they really need another character that never really pays for her crimes? 

Yeah yeah... soapies are not supposed to be too realistic but some storylines are so absurd that you can't help but feel your intelligence insulted when you watch them. 

Needless to say, I haven't been rushing home to watch Rhythm City lately. 

Last year Vuzu had pitted itself against the more established channel as the go to channel for variety. Reality, Talent Competition, Latest Hit Series, Music, Entertainment Reports, etc. If you wanted to be entertained Vuzu had a show for you whatever your youthful taste is. The future for the channel looked promising. 

Come 2013, three months in and I am not impressed.... Actually I am very disappointed because I was rooting for my Vuzu. Can one show just taint an entire channel's rep? Well, it looks like that's the case at channel 116. That trainsmash of a show Fly Chix seem to have set the channel a few years <----- back.="" nbsp="" p="">

Finally Vuzu was being seen as a serious channel that can produce quality local productions. While we all couldn't agree that the channel's shows were good television, the fact is that we were watching and having sound debates about the shows. Have you seen the silly comments about this Fly Chix show?

With the current season of America's Next Top Model a bit of a dud and The Braxtons going on about the album that will never happen on Family Values and countless repeats on prime-time it would appear that the channel is sprint to the front line was just a fluke, for now! 

Then again maybe if they let independent producers pitch shows instead of the celebrities , they'd perhaps come up with more compelling shows. 

I could write pages and pages but that would just be pointless. Fact is, I am bored and there isn't much to share with you guys without coming across as a negative-Nerd because I would have been complaining all the time hence I have not been posting much. 

I do not cover parties that's even more boring because they all attended by the same people, and I have decided to cut down on attending these celebrity parties anyway. 
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