Solange Throws Kanye Some Shade

I don't wanna perpetuate the rot in our industry of people who are supposed to be journalists but all they do is flood our local magazines and websites with cut-and-paste stories from the US. However I saw this story about Solange and Kanye West and could not help myself but laugh a little and just had to share. 
It has long been rumored within American blog-sphere that Solange Knowles cannot stand Kim Kardashian. Dont forget that the same was said about her big sis, Beyonce regard the reality star. 

oH WELL earlier this year, in Jan to be precise, Kanye West tweeted a pic that some so as a confirmation of the said the rumors on the low

The controversial rapper posted this pic below  

Notice that the pic is tagged, "FAM". The gag is that the original picture also included Solange hence it was seen at a dig at Beyonce's little sister. 

The shaaaaaaaaade! 

This week it seems Solange threw a little payback at Kanye...

On Saturday night after Justin Timberlake's performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, when he changed a lyric to the song "Suit & Tie" from "Aww, s--- so sick, got a hit and picked up a habit" to "my hit's so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." seemingly dissing Kanye West after that whole thing with the Suit & Tie comment the rapper made, Solange cracked up on Twitter and re-Tweeted the diss lyric to make sure everyone knew why she was laughing out loud.

Have to admit, I LOLed too!

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