The Wild Finale

Come 28th March 2013, South African tv viewers will bid farewell to what is possibly the best local tv production ever broadcast on our tv screen. A wave of shock and dismay reverberated all over Mzansi last year when it was announced that MNet's new soapie The Wild will be canned. The end is finally here.

The Wild is pulling out all the stops as the series draws to its gripping final episode. All the main characters will be facing their demons and brought to a final reckoning as this ground-breaking series heads to its ultimate crescendo. 

The final 2 weeks bring resolution to all the major storylines and set up the final episode – a one-hour blockbuster special in which this popular series goes out with a climactic bang.

The exhilarating two-week build-up focusses, condenses and explodes the entire storyline in a telenovella style, which can stand on its own as a fully realised drama experience. Packed from beginning to end with suspense, surprises and all the background you need to fully appreciate the world of The Wild, this unique television series wrap-up has everything it takes to be a not-to-be-missed event for new viewers and regular fans alike.

Here is the break down

The Full Circle

A love that was meant to be… The series started with Modise proposing to Lelo, but in true Soap style her heart was then stolen by Tiro, whom she married in spectacular fashion a year later. Tragedy struck when Tiro was shot dead during a rhino poaching stake-out soon after the fairy-tale wedding. Lelo’s mourning period has now ended and Modise has slowly but surely made his way back into her heart. Will they live happily ever after?

Love Triangle

Offscreen, power couple Shona and Connie Ferguson became ‘South Africa’s Television Sweethearts’ in 2012. Art imitated life with their onscreen union as Marang tamed badboy Itumeleng, and all was set for the pair to marry and live happily ever after. Enter superbitch Maxine with her own devious designs – mainly involving snapping up Itumeleng for herself. She managed to stop the wedding by kidnapping her own son on the eve of Marang’s most special day.

In Maxine’s unstoppable quest to get Itumeleng she played the ultimate card, claiming he was the father of her “missing” child, Nathi. After Maxine’s sudden and mysterious death in a car accident, Marang insisted on a paternity test, and the results proved that Nathi was not Itumeleng’s son. Having bonded with the boy though, and feeling compassion for his loss, Itumeleng decided to raise Nathi as his own son nevertheless.

Now the scene is set for Marang and Itumeleng to finally get married at the end of the series, and begin a new life together with Nathi… Or will Maxine’s fiendish plotting somehow reach beyond the grave to wreak havoc upon this happy family?

Ghost from the past

A shameful secret… Sarah has always kept to herself. She seemed destined to be the eternal spinster. Nobody understood why this vibrant and beautiful young woman could not find love and settle into a relationship. Then her uncle Charles arrived and ghosts from the past began to emerge. Sarah never spoke to anybody about the childhood abuse she endured at the hands of “Dear Uncle Charles” until he started paying attention to Kate’s young teenage daughter, Amber. Will Sarah be able to rescue Amber from the same fate that destroyed her own life, and will a vengeful father seek retribution for his daughter’s suffering?

Jack and Angie

Too hot to Handle... Everybody wants them. Many get to have them. Clearly they were made for each other… Will they finally wake up to the truth, get together and live happily ever after??

The Tragic Hero

A missing person – a devious trap… Ashwin’s beloved, Amita, disappeared under suspicious circumstances – yet another ugly fate has befallen someone linked to the evil Maxine. Determined to uncover the truth, he sets out to investigate, but then he too mysteriously vanishes. Find out what devilish web he has stumbled into.

All this and more awaits in the thrilling series FINALE!

Eat or be eaten is the natural law, but on this game farm with its corporate intrigues, personal vendettas and harrowing drama, the animals are the only ones who have it easy in The Wild. Be part of this riveting television event on Thu 28 Mar at 19:00.

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