Apology To Iman, Segal And Boity

I have received information from Iman Cosmetics regarding their press release about ending their contract with Boity Thulo. There were some errors in the statement and the article, IMAN Ends Contract With Boity, published on this site on April 27th. I did not just want to edit the article and not acknowledge the errors publicly.

In the article I stated that Boity and Adele would no longer be the ambassadors of the brand. This was not true. Adele Segal's contract with Iman continues only Boity's will not be renewed. 

Furthermore, contrary to media reports and what I have also reported, Iman did not cancel (axe, dump or fire) Boity. The decision was made by both parties not to renew her contract. 

My sincere apologies to all parties for the errors in the article.

Phil Mphela

PS; See? I am not about tainting anyone. I report information as I get it. When the publicist communicates with me I am always happy to clarify or correct anything I post here. 

Thanks Pauline for the heads-up!

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