GoXtra Editor Full Of BS

I seriously did not wanna get into this with this guy but clearly he is hell-bent on defaming my character. First he writes some BS article about me after tricking and misquoting me to make his erroneous story credible, now he is insinuating that I am a liar on his website. 

A week or so ago I got a message on Facebook from Buchule asking me if I would comment on a photo of me kissing a guy. I know I have never kissed some guy from Hatfield so I said no I responded accordingly to such shocking news. 

As you will see with the screen-grabs from our conversation on Facebook, this guy asks me about a Themba Maseko. I don't know anybody by that name and I emphatically told him so. 

Unfortunately when GoXtra wrote the article they quoted and changed the name from Themba Maseko to Themba Radebe. 

Now here's a thing, I have no qualms about anybody poking around in my business but do not fabricate stories and then call me a liar when I call you out. Yes it's me on the picture but if the writer had been forthcoming with accurate info when he asked me about the incident I would have told him that Themba Radebe is my friend.

The article is misleading because it says I am denying the kiss even though they have the pic. I DENIED knowing a Themba Maseko and I certainly do not know anyone in Hatfield. They lured me into a trap based on false information.

Everyone in my life knows Themba, I call him Hugo by the way. He and I have been friends for almost 7 years now. I have actually posted pics and written about our friendship right here. 

Hugo (Themba) used to study at Tuks and lived in Hatfield but doesn't live there anymore. If Bachule had made it clear that he is asking me about Hugo I probably would have laughed off the pic. BUT he didnt! Instead he used a false name to coax a negative response from me so that he can use it on his article. Anything for pageviews and hits, I guess. 

For the record, I don't know who took that pic. I don't remember because the pic was taken 3 years ago. That's why I would have just laughed at this and moved on. 

Yes I called his piece misleading and based on cooked up facts and quotes because it was. 

He even went as far as to use my Tweet, that had nothing to do with the incident on the article to substantiate his article. 

Yes GoXtra/Buchule, you tricked me and that was shady!

Now he has written another article where he quotes statements I made on an article here on my website. In  it he implies that I lied to you guys when I said the story was false. 

I did not put the link to the article on my website because I definitely did not wanna give CREDENCE TO NONSENSE. The story was BS so why would I wanna share it on my website?  

Furthermore, when I tweeted about friends betrayal I was not referring to Buchule. The guy is not my friend. I only met him 3 or 2 times at events and once in Melville. Why he would think I was referring to him and feel the need to rant about his duties as a journo above friendship beats me.  

Now with this follow up article they have done, where they continue to mislead their readers to think I am this lying cry baby, I can't help but wonder what this Buchule guy is hoping to achieve by continuing this smear campaign against me. What have I ever done to this dude to warrant such malice from him towards me? 

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