Lerato Kganyago Gets A Vote From Me

Finally someone in this business has the guts to, go on camera and expose the BS and pretentiousness of people in this industry. The tide is turning and very soon a lot of people will fall off of their delusions-of-grandeur throne and realize that they do not own SA entertainment industry. 

When Lerato dropped the LKG Show for SABC 1's The Link I was worried that the jump to the other side will swallow her up and make her a submissive yes-sir girl like many before her. Boy am I happy that my fears were wrong. I loved Lerato on LKGShow because she was genuine and was not filtered or trying to suck up all the time and that's the Lerato I want beyond SowetoTV. 

Of all the personalities we have had in this country she was able to separate her own vanity from the job. The show was called The LKG Show but every time she sat on that chair, she became an interviewer. It was not about her but about the guest and the viewers. She asked the uncomfortable questions because she was genuinely interested in getting the real story out. I loved her for that. 

Once I got to know her story and how she has had to put up with a lot of BS from a lot of people in this business, I respected her for keeping her head high. This girl has been through hell and back, sadly much of that did not come from fans but from her peers in the industry. 

What was Lerato Kganyago's crime? She refused to suck up. 

The are some people in this business who have been around for few minutes and think that by that virtue everybody should bow down to their BS. Sadly, a lot of newcomers do thus perpetuating these people's silly false sense of entitlement to just say nonsense about anyone who doesn't fall in their bubble. 

These delusional personalities actually believe that they own this industry and for anyone to succeed, he or she will have to be their friend or suck up to them. 

People like Lerato Kganyago are proving that success in this business does not rest on being part of a clique anymore. That is why they hate and always take jabs at her. The tide is turning and finally we have some real people in this business and that is making some people uncomfortable because they don't have control over it. 

It is no secret that there is this cluster of media personalities, execs and entertainment journos who have their fake friendships where they tweet, hire and write glossy articles about each other. They are the reason why you get sold a lie and you keep seeing the same old ish on your tv, mags and newspapers every week. If you are not part of their circle, you will have to work harder to prove yourself. 

I pointed out before that you will be shocked if you had to look at the ratings numbers of  some of these so called "IT girls and boys". The numbers are nowhere near their level of success, then you gotta ask; how did they become such big stars?

Anyway, thank Gawd we now have people like Lerato who can say; I am not gonna be part of this fake nonsense. You don't like me and say things about me behind my back so why should we pretend on camera. I loved her candid interview on VEntertainment.  

Good on her for that.  We all know about the pretentiousness that reigns in this business but nobody is willing to come out and speak about it. You get to parties and people hug you or do the whole air-kisses, as soon as you walk away they say sh*t about you. OR someone is only happy to see you when there is a camera around but when you meet them in a mall they act like you are their fan. 

I am so happy that Lerato Kganyago has not lost who she is to try and fit into the A-List. Keep it real girl. 

They knocked you simply because you dared to push in spite of their shade and make someone of yourself without having to bow down to their BS. Now they hating on you because you might just inspire others to do the same and that would threaten their false sense of superiority in this business. 

I am not a big fan of The Link because I think she is too scripted on the show but I am a big supporter of Lerato Kganyago. Her journey in this business is inspiring, get to know about her hustle and you will love her for remaining poised and cool through all that BS. 

She is the ultimate underdog who stuck to her guns and ran her own race. Now that she is rising higher and higher, it is making some people uncomfortable so they just have to try and pull her down!

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Anonymous said...

Ur girl *B* is struggling to raise the topbilling rating!the link is so boring just the same as real goboza!lerato is gorgeous and a good presenter!cant stand boity and minnie!

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