Nambitha Mpumlwana Leaving Generations

A little under two years and my favourite South African actress is leaving the country's number one show, Generations. Can't say that I am surprised or sad about the news since I made my views about her joining the show in the first place clear in July 2011. 

Nambitha confirmed via Twitter that her days as Mawande are over. Let's hope her next move will be more exciting and challenging.

The star always took time to answer some questions from fans, naming Anga Makhubalo who played her son on the show as the person she enjoyed working with the most. 

Local tabloid paper Sunday Sun claims that Nambitha was booted from the show for being too "much too handle"... whatever that means! I guess this is playing off of the rumours that has swirled in the business for years that Ms Mpumlwana is a diva.

Oh well, I know I am a huge Nambitha fan so I may be bias here but the woman has earned her stripes. If she insists on being treated with some courtesy befitting her status in this business, so be it. 

We are happy to accomodate and bend backwards for D-rate has-been American stars, why can't we treat our own (who are current) with the same courtesy?. 

Unless Generations realeases a formal statement about why she is leaving, we do not really know. Be that as it may, she has made an impact on the show and I believe a lot of its viewers will miss her.

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Unknown said...

I agree, she's worth it Geberations should have done more to keep her. I wonder what they will do to end her story

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