Respect Motivates My Writing

I often get questioned, be it on social media or personally about why I write about certain people and brands more than I do others. The answer is simple; I write about subjects who respect that giving my opinion on their work or brands has nothing to do with my personal feelings towards them . It is never an attack on their character.

Yes when you read my blog you will see that I write a lot about people like Bonang, Lerato Kganyago, Dineo Ranaka, Hlelo & Ntando Masina and brands such as Etv, Brand Ambassadors and SABC2, among many others. 

These are the names that I know I can be honest when I write about anything that concerns them without any concern that they would not take it personally. After-all  I am a fan and respect their achievement hence the respect goes both ways. When I am wrong I also appreciate it when they call me out on it and correct me. 

It is all about respect. No matter how successful you are as personality or business brand, if you do not respect criticism and always just want praise you can not claim to be the best or expect anyone to respect anything you do. 

Brands grow when they are able to take opinions from an unbiased point of view. The only way that you can improve is when you are able to take constructive criticism and see if it could help you fix your flaws.  

Unfortunately, because our South African entertainment industry is run by egos instead of talent, often you find that people take things way too personally. 

As an entertainment commentator and blogger I have found over the years that there are publicist who work for tv channels who will stop interacting with you if you criticize any of their channel's shows. I find that petty and disgustingly unprofessional. They are run their channels like some political party in our government. You can not garner support by intimidation people and instilling fear.

Publicist's job is to make show that the fans can interact with the brand. Interaction means there will be negative feedback as well as positive ones. Take them both with the same courtesy. If I am a boss I would not want to surround myself with YES-people all the time.  

That is exactly why some tv channels in this country do not improve because they have surrounded themselves with people who sucks up to them instead of giving them honest feedback on the product they deliver to the masses. 

It is amazing how easily you can spot these shameless journos and bloggers who survive on sucking up so that they do not loose invitations to parties and events. 

That said I do understand that there are bloggers who will write anything to get attention or journos that will use their platform to settle score. However, I think publicist can look at a writer's work a make an informed judgement as to whether the writer is just someone who gets kicks from negative reporting or is it someone who gives constructive opinions in his work. 

I can attest now that, while there have been publicists who have stopped sending me briefs or invitations simply because I did not say bravo fo sho to every thing they do, there are plenty other publicists in this business who appreciate the value of what we do. 

I can also proudly say there are journos (and bloggers) that are to be commended for not selling out on the journalistic integrity to buy face or suck up to celebrity friendship. One such journo is Munya Vomo. I love how the guy always gives honest reviews whether they be positive or subject. 

I am no journo and have no aspirations to be one. I love being a blogger and writing from my personal perspective as a fan. People like Mnya Vomo and the names I mentioned inspire me. These are the people who will ensure the survival of our industry. We grow because of their earnest approach toward giving and receiving opinions about this business. 

You inspire!!!

PS: The best advice I have ever gotten when my blogs became known was; Do not use your platform to settle scores! My blogging gave me a career and I have lived by that rule ever since. 

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