Rough Week ... Still I Rise Though

I came to this city and this industry with the full knowledge that when you do things that other people wish they could pursue but don't have the guts or will-power to, there will always be people who want to knock you down. With that, I built an armor for myself against being rattled up by such. 

On the other hand I also would not want to be a hypocrite. I believe we all aren't forced to be in this business so for that we are all aware of the not-so-great part of being in it. You choose to be in the spotlight  therefore you should expect that your privacy is not guaranteed. 

On Tuesday some website ran a story about me that was completely misleading and based on cooked up facts and quotes. I chose not to make too much noise about it because I did not want to give credence to nonsense. Needless to say, it still hurt. 

This week was also sad because I realized that things might not work between and someone I had recently met. Though I see the possibility of working on this and making it work, I am also resolved to the fact that it just may not be what I want it to be. 

On the positive side though, I finally made an official submission of the show I hope to produce and host with a major channel. I had a reply from the channel's Head Of Local Content that she will discuss it with the relevant stakeholders and get back to me. 

While I am confident that the proposal will yield positive results, I am also aware that it might not happen but the mere fact that I have arrived at a place in my life where I believe in my talent and hardwork enough that I am willing to pitch to a major television channel is motivation enough for me to keep pushing for my dreams. 

Growing up in Moruleng, the mere thought of the possibility of producing and hosting a television show was so far removed from my reality that just being in a platform and having the clout to pitch it, is a dream come true in its own right.

From the first day I landed at Park Station and saw this big city, armed with nothing but dreams of a highly motivated but somewhat naive kid, one thing has been on my mind -- build a career and life for yourself because you are on your own now and have no-one to fall back on if you full. 

With that in mind I established a strategy for myself... DON'T chase the fame, build your name first so you can have a solid foundation! For the past 10 years that is exactly what I have been focusing on. I don't have celebrity friends even though I am around them all the time and I have always been cautious of not falling into the lure of Jozi's bright light. 

This year I have decided that I have done all I can to prepare myself and now I am ready to take the big step. I have build something of my name. The people that matter for my future know who Phil Mphela is and if they don't, Google has my story. 

I don't do celebrity parties as much this year because they serve no purpose for my career and future anymore. I don't need to be seen in certain places and company to validate my place in this business. I have done it and now it is time to take the ball home. 

I have grown immensely, in just 3 weeks I will be a year older and for the first time I genuinely feel I have control over what my future will hold. I don't need validation or motivation form anyone. I am my biggest cheerleader right now because I know I have done my homework and laid the foundation right. 

And that is exactly why days like these passed few days are nothing but just stumbling blocks made of mashmellows and they will just melt away on my shine. You would really have to dig deep to get me down. My armor is stronger than ever now. Yes you will piss me off ... I might tweet something in retaliation but don't be fooled and think you got to my core. 

I believe I have a bigger purpose in life. I can not have gone through what I have just to be another person trying to make it. I will make it and my success will inspire millions. 

And you know what? I am actually not even alone. I have thousand of people who support what I do and cheer me on all the time. I have never done a full national tv show or been on a cover of a magazine yet but I have people who believe in me and encourage me to keep pushing. Total strangers on social media and my contacts are my pillar of strength and through their love and support, i keep hustling to make them proud. 

The goal after my mom died and I was left with nothing and relatives turned their back on me, I only had one dream. I wanted to be successful in a public way so that I can rub that on their faces and show them that I could be somebody with or without their help. You what? Now that does not even matter anymore. Now it is about fulfilling my dreams FOR ME!

As for the haters, your fire inspires!

For my would be potential partner; I am Phil first before I am anything else so if you don't like me when I have nothing, I doubt you would genuinely like me when I have something. 

I tweeted: Spot & Eliminate fake relationships. Aint buying no fancy car til I've bought my mom a decent tombstone. If u here 4 that, PASS! #RunningOwnRace

I mean it. I am running my own race and have no pressure to conform to anybody's expectation of what I should have. I have my priorities. If you only wanna be in my life for the confetti, best you keep stepping because I aint about that life. 

Yeah I have had a rough week but in this very week good things happened too. 

Still I rise ...


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Unknown said...

A young ambitious man who is truly nothing short of amazing! May all your dreams materialize regargless of who say what because myself and a whole lot of others see substance in you Mr Mphela. Do your thing Sir the universe is forever in favour of those you really believe in their dreams! Amor Fati _ Own your fate.

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