Three New Talent Additions On Step Up Or Step Out 3

The influential 5FM DJ takes over the reins from Arthur Mafokate, one of the pioneers of Kwaito in South Africa, who is busy with his own dance show, U Can Do It, on SABC1. Two new presenters are added to the show as well. 

Gotta say, watching Euphonik and Khabonina playfully banter during judging was fun. While there was tension between Khabonina and Arthur last season when they disagreed, with these two in this season it seems a little less awkward.

The other thing that I noticed with Euphonik is the fact the he is a personable guy so he connected well with the prospective contestants at the Joburg Auditions. He brings that element of being a big brother while Khabonina and Emile grill the dancers on their techniques.

New Presenters

Veteran local rapper Slikour and YoTv presenter Tumi Voster joins the show as the new presenters of Etv's Step Up Or Step Out Season 3. The new pair replace Dalen Lance, who was presenter of the reality show since season 1. 

The hiring of Slikour comes as no surprise as he is someone who clearly suits the brand of the show however the fact that he used to present  Jam Alley Crew vs Crew on SABC 1 doesn not go unnoticed. 

One can argue that his experience with that other show is exactly what made him a perfect candidate for the show but that could also be a concern. As the industry is in dire need of fresh talent one hopes Endemol South Africa could have taken this opportunity to introduce a new presenting talent. 

Etv needs to establish itself as a brand that is unique and can be a platform for the future of the entertainment industry. Recycling talent from the SABC is certainly not that promising on that front. 

The casting of Tumi Vorster is a pleasant addition to the channel, though she is also from the SABC. What gives her a pass in the aforementioned argument, is the fact that this could be seen as her stepping up platform into shows that cater for an older demographic. 

That said, after watching them do their thing at the Joburg auditions yesterday, I can confidently say that they bring a different vibe to the show which will hopefully make it more exciting. 

Congrats to the Slikour and Tumi. 

Auditions for the season are underway in Johannesburg today as well. 

Catch the new season of the show when it premieres on Etv on June 23

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