Bar.One Manhunt 3 Auditions Hits Jozi This Weekend

BAR.ONE Manhunt 3 is not for the fainthearted as this time, even more than in the previous seasons, contestants will have to dig deep to show that they are everything a BAR.ONE Man should be at all times – with qualities that include great physically capability, strong leadership and problem solving skills, compassion for others, enough charm to win over men and women and the confidence to inspire others as well as follow them. Hey that's what the press release says...

He should be a down-to-earth, street smart kind of rugged gentleman who’ll save the damsel in distress and the beer keg to boot.

He should be valiant as well as patient with a mind as agile as his body. 

He should be a real man – with real values, real motivation, a real taste for adventure, a really good sense of humour – have an impeccable sense of style and above all a real sense of authenticity. 

In essence he should be the man who, when the going gets tough, is able to motivate himself and others to get going. This season will give us a BAR.ONE man that will rule them all.

To register, entrants must bring a copy of their Identity Document and valid Passport document. Terms and conditions apply and can be found at

Season three of Nestle BAR.ONE Manhunt will broadcast exclusively on SABC1, starting on Tuesday, 30 July at 21:00. 

Auditions will take place Saturday, 4 May and Sunday, 5 May in Johannesburg at Maponya Mall from 09:00 to 16:00.

For more information, visit Alternatively, visit the Facebook page or follow @BARONEManhunt on Twitter.

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