Blast From The Past: DeVaughn Nixon

Fletcher is all grown up ya'll! The actor that played Whitney Houston's character's son in the 1992 hit movie starring the late diva and Kevin Costner is a man now.  Checking in on DeVaughn Nixon's career now. 

Born and raised in Los Angeles, DeVaughn Nixon has been working in the industry for over twenty years. He began with roles in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "The Bodyguard" and over the years was featured in several TV series including "JAG," "The Unit," "The Game" and more.

He temporarily left his film career to devote himself to his studies. He graduated in television production and business finance from a university. He also had worked with his father as a mortgage broker.

However, he missed acting, so he decided to return to his work in the cinema, participating first in the film Monster Heroes. In 2011 he starred in the film Prom

The now 28-year-old actor talked about working with Whitney on US tv show Extra in 2012.

“She would sing to me and tell me Bible stories. It was like I was her son.”
His father is former NBA player Norm Nixon and step-mother is dancer/choreographer Debbie Allen, those of you who remember FAME the tv series, you will remember Debbie as the dance teacher on the show.

By extension he is also related to Phylicia Rashad as she is his stepmom Debbie Allen's sister. Phylicia is the lady who plays Bill Cosby's wife on Cosby (reruns on SABC3) and was the nosy neighbour in  Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls"

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