Nonhle And Khanyi Team Up For A New Etv Reality Show

Thought you had written them off, didn' yah? Well brace yourself because Mzansi's biggest comeback for two of the country's most controversial stars of the 2000s is coming your way. Word on the ground is that the pair will star in their own reality show on Etv ...

I have it on good authority that the pair will team up with another star that fell off the radar in recent years, Babalwa Mneno for the show.

The trio's show will premiere on the channel in July as part of the channel's winter package.

Of course the channel is keeping mum about the details or even confirming this until the official press briefing on the 6th of June, which I have been invited to and will be able to offically confirm this for you.

Gotta admit though that I did not even know that these three women even knew each other on that level.

That said, this will definitely be an interesting show and could actually end up being a ratings gold for the channel. Khanyi and Nonhle have star power in this country. Love 'em or not you will still tune in to be part of the craze!

Smart move for the girls to have a show on Etv. In terms of reality shows in Mzansi, the place to be is Etv. The channel's reality show ranks at the top in terms of numbers in the ratings. 

Kelly Khumalo's show, while panned by the critics, it was still the number one rated reality show during its ran on the channel. 

This is hardly a come back for Nonhle since she hasn't been completely off the radar and as for Khanyi this will certainly be the year she bounces back. With her appearance on Big Brother and this show, we are definitely going to be bowing down to the Queen Of Bling again.

Congratulations to the ladies. Gotta say the industry had gotten boring without them in the spotlight ... #justsayin


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