Connie Ferguson To Strutt Her Stuff On Strictly Come Dancing

Word is that the darling of South African television, former Generations star Connie Ferguson is returning to SABC. There are, as yet unconfirmed, news that Mrs Shona Ferguson is part of the celebrity contestants in the sixth season of Strictly Come Dancing that will air in July. 

While many actors in this country who become mega stars because of Generations have fallen into the dreary reality of unemployment after being on the show, Connie seems to have gotten by very well post her Karabo days.

She starred in the immaculately produced but ill fated Mnet soap, The Wild.

She and her husband's production company is producing Mzansi Magic's new show Rockville, which she also stars in.

It is evident now that Connie Ferguson is one of very few Generations alumni who have managed to abate and avoid the dreaded "Generations Curse"

SABC3 PR said the names of the contestants will officially be announced in due time.

Catch Connie and other prominent South African celebs in the new season of Strictly Come Dancing on Wednesday, July 10th on SABC 3.

Side Note: Eish mara "Karabo", let's face it Connie will always be Karabo to many South Africans, is so prim and proper. Imagine her acting all silly and missing steps on tv. I guess this is what makes her even more endearing, clearly she doesn't take herself too seriously to sign up for this. 

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