Etv Is Rolling With Mandoza

Finally, some confirmation that the rumours about Mandoza being the latest celebrity to be under the spotlight of Etv's reality show "Rolling With...". 

While there is no officially word from the channel about the show, I can confirm that "Rolling With ..." is returning to the channel in September and will be chronicling the everyday life of Kwaito superstar Mandoza.

Verdict: I actually have never met Mandoza. Strange but yeah, it just dawned on me that he is probably one of only 2 or 3 media personalities of any stature in this country that I have never met or even been in the same room with.

With that, I can not really say I am all that fascinated by him beyond the fact that he is a rolemodel to a lot of young dreamers out there.

Given the amount of negative publicity he has received in recent years in the tabloids about this personal life and the lack of any sign that he will reclaim his title as the biggest cross-over artist in this country again, I guess it would be interesting to get to know the man behind the persona better.

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