Dineo Ranaka And BlakLez's Public Spat Continues

It's sad but anyone who has been privy to the drama that is Dineo and Blaklez's relationship on Vuzu can not say they did not see this coming. Now that their relationship is over instead of it being a private affair, the media has becoming their battling arena. 

I just watched in disbelief a clip on Vuzu's website where Dineo and Lesego are pitted against each other on a "he says-she says" media duel. 

The video is 3:30 long and titled; Dineo & BlakLez's Relationship - Blaklez tells his side of the story, with former girlfriend and baby-momma, Dineo Ranaka.

It is in response to the interview Dineo did with the channel about her ex and the article on the Drum Magazine where he supposedly called her a non-marriage material, which he of course says was taken out of context.

((sigh)) How did these two allow it to get to this ugly place?

In my review of the first season of the reality show, Is Dineo's Reality Show Damaging Her Brand?, I cautioned that the depiction of the star's personal life could be detrimental to her relationships and career. Lo and behold just few months later, it is happening. 

One would be tempted to say I told you so but Dineo is one of those people in this business that you can not help but root for because she has had to fight so many battles to earn her place at the top.

I have never met Lesego nor do I know anything about him or his career beside what I saw on the show, so my concern lies more with Dineo and her career since I have followed it long before the show. She is an inspiration to a lot of people. 

What I will reiterate is that the reality show was packaged wrong. The focus should have been on her business ventures and less on her personal life especially since the show is called Mogul In The Making.

Now assumptions are made about both of them based on what people saw on the show thus forcing them to turn to the worst platform to deal with your issues on -- the media, to try and salvage their character and protect their names. 

Price of fame or repercussions of choosing a paycheque over privacy?

Hopefully this will blow over before either one of them says or does something that will have long term effect on their relationship as parents to their child.
Watch the clip HERE

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