New Docu-Realty Show Saving Trouble Teens On SABC1

It doesn't get any more real than the new show on SABC 1 called  Vuka Kleva. Forget about the antics of celebrities pretending to act "normal' on these tv reality shows, this 12 part 24 minute docu-reality series puts six boys and six girls in their teens in the Vuka Kleva centre for 12 days to help them clean up their act and hopefully salvage their future.  

The troublesome teens aged between 15 and 18 years are placed under the supervision of the housemistress, her two guardians and the Vuka Kleva counsellor. 

During these 12 days the teenagers are put through a series of activities, chores, interactions and consultations with experts which enable them to understand their current reality so that they can make decisions to change.

Vuka Kleva starts on Tuesday, 13 August at 18:30 on SABC1.

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Ronald Ronald Mulaudzi said...

Woooooow... this is what our troubled youth need right there!!! Looking forwad.

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