OH No, Not Pearl Thusi

My heart sank yesterday while waiting in line at Woolies when I saw that Pearl Thusi has been fired from Real Goboza. This sudden disappointment permeated from a few weeks of having to read or hear stories that were not flattering about the gorgeous star. 

I have a soft spot for people who pay their dues and see success. I believe that those kind of stars tend to appreciate the industry and the business of entertaining better than an over night star.

In terms of current A-listers, Bonang, Boity, Pearl Modiadie, Dineo Ranaka, Lerato Kganyago and Peral Thusi, hold a special place in my books because these women had to work to get to where they are.  

It is then very disappointing when one has to learn that any of these women are anything but the inspirational star one hopes they are. 

Over the past few weeks there have been reports that Pearl Thusi is a DIVA.  

I'm not one to take 'rumours' seriously so I just brushed it off as another one of those random attacks that are bestowed on stars. I just figured it is Pearl's turn now. 

That's until I saw the Real Goboza story. I was so shocked and disappointed that I had to make a phone call to my friends within the business who work with Pearl. Sadly some of the reported behavioural antics were confirmed.

According to MOVE magazine, she is being axed from Real Goboza for violating contractual clauses and being rude to the crew. It is also reported that her punctuality is a major issue.

The latter was also cited as a problem at Isidingo, which she joined just recently. The New Age newspaper scathingly reported that Thusi's arrogance has also rubbed a few crew members at the soapie the wrong way too. 

The newspaper reported an incident where Pearl kept the soap's matriarch, Keketso Semoko (who plays Ma Agnes) and the crew waiting for more than three hours for her to arrive to shoot a scene.

This is so sad. I personally like Pearl. To have to read a quote that Keketso Semoko has had to tell her that she has to appreciate the rare opportunity she's been afforded to be part of the Isidingo family

This is very disheartening. 

When people point out that a certain KZN star is this and that, I am never surprised because I have experienced and witnessed her behaviour when she is not on camera, and I am also able to understand her because of how she got to the top. 

But, on the few occasions that I have been in Pearl's proximity, I have never had a single inkling that she may be the self absorbed diva she is now being exposed to be. This why these news come as a shock. Imagine reading or hearing that sweet Boity is a diva. 

If Pearl is that much of a diva, I doubt she would care much about what I have to say. Still, on behalf of everyone who looks at her journey to the top and are inspired that she was tenacious to keep going and make her dream a reality, I dare say to her; 

Pearl, say it ain't so and if it is, we all make mistakes. Fame can be toxic but we have it in us to get over that and appreciate the platform for the blessing it brings. Hopefully this will be a learning curve and you will bounce back exuding the same beauty inside as you do on the outside. 

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