SABC Wants YOUR Show

It is with great pleasure and immense pride that I share with all my fellow industry creative that the light has finally shown at the end of the tunnels. Yes comrades the revolutions has began... ok I'm no EFF pundit, the news that I am elated by is that the SABC has finally decided to open up the commissioning of new shows to the public again. 

SABC is said to issue a substantial Request For Proposals (RFP) book before the end of September this year. 

The book will contain commissioning briefs for all three SABC channels and across all genres, including documentary.

SABC General Manager Leo Manne told journalists that "this will be the biggest RFP book to be released since 2008. Parts of the book will look at ring-fencing some of the content so that it can be produced by up and coming filmmakers, as well as women."

Lets face it, Advertiser Funded Programs (AFP) has usurped the industry. Our tv channels are flooded with sponsored show, which as I have lamented countlessly on this blog, pose a huge threat to creative freedom for tv and film makers in this countries. 

For the past few years the door had seemingly been shut for anyone who is not affiliated with some big brand or can bag a huge sponsor to pitch shows. 

If what Mr Manne has revealed is not going to be just a smoke screen but a genuine attempt by the SABC to get new content from fresh creative minds in this country then the SABC is finally going back to its mandate to serve the people and its tv licence paying clients.  

This is indeed great news to know that something will be done about opening up the platform for new ideas to come into the field. 

NEXT: Pilot system for new shows. Now that would make television content more interesting, if there was some real competition. 

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