Sonia Sedibe To Star In Real Housewives Of Joburg

Word is; Former Generations star Sonia Sedibe is reported to be working on a local production of the American franchise of Real Housewives. An exclusive on Heat Mag reveals that the actress, who is married to well-known top lawyer Leslie Sedibe, has the honor of not just starring in the show but producing it under her production company  Tigere Productions. 

Rumours about the possibility of a Real Housewives Of Joburg have been swirling in the industry for a while. Drum magazine did an article on it a while back as well. 

While there is no confirmation from Mrs Sedibe or any of the rumoured entities involved in this production, the mag confidently state that the show is said to hitting our screens very soon. 
Sonia and family

Heat Mag source is quoted;
 “They shot some of the scene for the pilot last weekend and will present it to a channel”
Sonia Sedibe’s star quality is undeniable but another undeniable factor is that her fame rest in the Welfare tv audience who remember her as “Ntombi” on Generations.  This means for the show to attract any attention it would have to be on a channel that appeals to that market. 

Furthermore, the Real Housewives franchise is notorious for having some cattiness and behavioural antics that raises a few eyebrows for a lot of people. Now Sonia has built an image on being the “classy lady”. Can we expect her to have a screaming match with anyone on camera? 
Let’s be honest, comparisons between our local version and the American ones will be made and anything less than the glitz, the superficiality and yes the catty fights its predecessors are synonymous for will not suffice.  

Be that as it may, I cannot say the prospect of seeing Real Housewives of Joburg on our screens is tantalizing. 

On a slightly different note, it is encouraging to see local production companies do business with international franchises. 

Questions … anticipation … guess we will just have to wait and see how this one develops. I will keep you posted.   

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