Big Break Legacy Goes International

Entrepreneurial reality TV show, The Big Break Legacy, is going international. Two episodes of the show, which culminates with the winner receiving a R5-million investment into their business, will now be filmed in The Netherlands and one episode in London.

There’s an added boost for all South African entrepreneurs as the South Africa/Dutch alliance will result in an entrepreneurial business exhibition to be hosted in Johannesburg on Thursday, 7 November before the winner is revealed in the show’s season finale on Saturday, 9 November.

SABC2’s publicity manager, Zandile Nkonyeni: 
“We are delighted that episodes of The Big Break Legacy will now be filmed overseas. The programmes has seen a lot of anticipation from the local audience and the international connection gives it extra gravitas. It will make for thrilling television for our viewers while still ensuring that they can learn something meaningful about the business of business.”
The Big Break Legacy first made its appearance on South African TV screens in February 2012. It aims to start a global revolution of entrepreneurs that build new enterprises which are innovative, exciting, sustainable and, most importantly, contribute meaningfully towards the social development of communities and fighting joblessness.

Each week, the show's challenges test entrepreneurs for character strength, creativity, aptitude and commercial savvy in addressing real-life business challenges under time and resource constraints.

And it's not all business theory and academics that get put to the test – contestants also have to have very real street-smarts in order to make it through the challenges and avoid elimination. The show is packaged to entertain as well as educate. Both entrepreneurs and viewers learn to respond to key business requisites and witness the impact of such basics on business success and sustainability.

Season 2 of Big Break Legacy premieres on SABC2 on Saturday, 17 August at 21:00 

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