Bonang Matheba Meets Jennifer Aniston

It is a case of South Africa's sweetheart meets America's sweetheart. The two women may live continents apart but their lives in the spotlight has earned them both the adulation of their respective native country fans for being "the good girls" among their peers in the industry. 

Aniston was dubbed America's sweetheart at the height of her fame when she was in the mega hit comedy, Friends. Her ability to keep herself out of the tabloid pages by maintaining a scandal-free image earned her the title, following in the footsteps of the likes of Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts. 

Even during trying times like the demise of her marriage to Brad Pitt, Aniston somehow managed to come out of it smelling like roses with fans the world over full of praise and sympathy for her. Much of it was thanks to her 'clean' image in Hollywood. 

Bonang similarly has achieved great success in her career but has not been totally immune to the wrath of media scorn. She too went through trying times when the tabloids poked into her personal life but she somehow managed to come of it unscathed with her fans fully on her corner. 

Bonang took a trip to London for Top Billing to interview Jennifer Aniston and her cast mates Jason Sudeikis and Wil Poulter about their hilarious new comedy, We're the Millers.

The film tells the story of a veteran pot dealer who creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico with some ridiculous consequences. 

The interview will air on Top Billing on 5th September 2013 on SABC3 at 20h30

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