Gail Nkoane-Mabalane Named The New Face Of Incecto Plus

Actress/singer Gail Mabalane, nee Nkoane, is the Face Of Inecto Plus and all I can say is; do people still use Inecto Plus. I remember that brand when I was growing up in the bundus. The fact that I have to ask that question might be the reason behind the brand choosing someone as appealing as Gail, as the new face of the product to give it a fresh feel.  

INECTO PLUS, the brand that has been part of the INECTO stable which has been a household name for over 60 years, today officially announced their new face of the brand at a relaxed setting in the city.

INECTO - The brand synonymous with premium hair products since the 1950s and the number one seller of ethnic hair dye in South Africa, today announced their new brand ambassador and Face of Inecto PLUS, the multi-talented actress and businesswoman Gail Mabalane.

Gail Mabalane is no stranger to being the celebrity representative of a beauty product. Recently announced as the first South African “Face-Of”, international Skin Care Brand “OLAY Even & Smooth”, Gail has come a long way from her days of auditioning for Idols. She is now an acclaimed actress, singer, Beauty Queen, wife & successful businesswoman.

‘I’m proud to be aligned to the Inecto Plus brand because once again I’m putting my name next to a brand with great heritage and awesome memories over many generations within my family” said Mabalane.
“I’m excited about this relationship, the synergy is organic and I look forward to taking my natural look to the next level".
INECTO PLUS was launched into the market a few years ago and has shown tremendous growth within the hair sector. With this premium range of seven different colours, the brand targets the younger more fashionable urban chic female. 
‘Gail Mbalane is just the perfect fit for the Inecto PLUS brand. She is a firm favourite within our consumer space and we are simply overjoyed that she is now part of the Inecto family’ say brand manager Bongi Ntinga, 
‘She is young and fresh yet sophisticated and classy, much like the Inecto Plus brand image’.
Congratulations to Gail and Happy women's day, Mrs Mabalane!! 

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