I Gladly Bow To My Queens

I chuckled when I was alerted of a comment on an article about Bonang which says that I worship her. I guess you can never win this one … you criticize – you are jealous or a hater, you applaud and admire – you are a ”worshiper”. In the proverbial lemon-to-lemonade spirit, I decided to publicly bow down some few women I admire to celebrate the start of Women’s month in South Africa. 

  • Boitumelo Thulo

This young television personality and now actress makes me love this industry even more when I see her taking chances and coming out on the other side smiling. |Because of her meteoric rise to the A-list many would just blow her off as just a fluff in the pan type of star who will just fade away. Unfortunately if her performance on Rockville is anything to go by, Boity proves that she actually has a talent as an actress and that can sustain her for a long time. The fact that she hasn’t let fame get to her head and is just as sweet as one would expect, make me love her even more. #BOW

  • Lerato Kganyago

I do not know Lerato that well personally but I am familiar with her journey in this business and what she has had to endure to get to where she is now. For someone to be the bud of jokes and scorn from from fans and industry personalities alike and still keep a cool head and always come out of it unscathed is truly something to marvel upon and appreciate.  You gotta have a thick skin to put up with all that nonsense and still bear no bitterness or constant need to defend yourself. And boy this “ngwanyana wa ga Kganyago” has a very thick armor. #BOW

  • Mbali Ntuli

One of the most talented young but unappreciated stars in this country. I am a huge fan of this actress and am forever in awe of how she does not seem to be aware of what a force she is. The star of too many shows to mention, and currently Zabalaza, Mbali is one of those rare talents that do not need the red carpet to shine. Her acting prowess puts her in a league many in this country can only dream of. As the industry grows, I cannot wait to see this prolific young actress grow and have material that will showcase her immense talent. #BOW

  • Nambitha Mpumlwana

She has been called a diva but personally have known nothing but just kindness and politeness from this woman. Fair enough, I am a huge fan of her work and on the occasions that I have met her she has been so sweet and I may have been in a trance to notice anything but just be in awe of her. Her relationship with her son is something that really touches me. You see them together and you just wish she was your mom! With her body of work, I think she has paid her dues and can demand all she want… I will happily #BOW to her. 

  • Harriet Gavshon

I met Harriet when  I was working on Class Act and have had conversations with her at various events for Curious Pictures shows. A year or so ago I had the pleasure of meeting her in a professional capacity as I was trying to get Curious to help me with a project I was working. Now, in terms of producing great shows that resonates with millions of South Africas you have 3 women who certainly have the midus touch, they are Brownwyn Berry, Roberta Durrant and Harriet Gavshon. 
When you meet Harriet what strikes you first is how “motherly” she is. You just want to behave when you are around her. When you admire her like I do, that sense of wanting to be in your best behavior around her soon become paralyzing when she just smiles and gives you that warm comforting attention when you talking to her.   Given that her name is attached to so many great productions on our television screen, I  #BOW to this woman for being an inspiration!

  • Bonang Matheba

The woman that sparked the shameless display of idolization in this article. What many people do not realize is that I am actually not buddy-buddy with Bonang. We do not hang out and never really talk unless it is business or just greeting each other. 

The reason for that is that I have this thing about keeping my distance from people I admire too much, in fear that if I get too close I may realize that they are just human. That is how I feel about B*. The woman represents everything I hold dear. She is from North West -- so am I, she has worked hard to get to the top – that’s my journey right now, she is an entertainment presenter – that’s my dream, she is an inspiration to a lot of young people – that’s what I hope to be. 

Though I admire her a lot, I have never put her on a pedestal. Clearly anyone who thinks I worship her has not read some of the articles I have written about her. Long before I even worked for her I wrote an article questioning the 7 million viewers number on her website. I actually called it delusion of grandeur. 

As testament to her character she understood that I have an obligation to my readers who count o my honest opinion of issues from the industry. She is a professional's professional. She gets that being praised all the time is not a measure of one's success but a fair and balanced assessment of one's career is what propels them to strive for more and want to better their craft or career. 

I certainly do not think B is perfect and would not want to sell that just to buy her face. And I would hope that she appreciates that I am not her groupie but someone who loves this industry and is inspired by her.  

Truth is that whether you are a fan of hers or not, you have to give her credit for breaking barriers which will make it easier for a lot of us in this business to follow suit, at least that how I see it. Well I do and for that I #BOW to her.

We are more than happy to declare our admiration for American stars but far be it for a South African to show any sense of appreciation for a local star. If admiration for these women and many others’ craft, hard work and success is “worshiping” then I do so gladly my Queens. 

Happy Women’s Month!!!

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