Introducing Vusi Nova

Stand up and recognize, Mzansi -- there is a new talent in the ring. With auto-tune and all these new inventions that recording companies have come up with to sell us garbage and call it music, it is so refreshing that once in a while a true talent will get a platform to shine and remind us again that there are talented musicians on this planet. One such talent is Vusi Nova. 

Real name, Vusi Nongxo, this Eastern cape musician is as refreshing as he is endearing. He is the full package -- the voice, the swag and the stage presence. Great combination if you are going to start off your new career by taking on giants like Etta James and Beyonce'. 

I first heard (and saw) Vusi's new single, which is a remake of Etta James's famous blues song I'd Rather Be Blind, on one of those random intermissions of SABC 3. I immediately went on Facebook and shared my appreciation. 

The song was first recorded by James in 1967, released in 1968 and has since been re-recorded by countless singers. More recently and possibly famous is the 2008 Beyonce version on the movie Cardillac Records' soundtrack. 

That alone tells you how bold this new South African artist is. Looking at Vusi's history you will understand why he needed to take a big risk to get noticed because thus far he was just hovering in the shadows. 

No stranger to the music in industry, Nova has worked with the likes of Kelly Khumalo, Ringo and MXO. 

In 2009 he released an album called Ndimfumene which barely made a blib in the market. 

In 2010 he joined forces with the Kwela Tebza trio on their popular song "Ching Pow". Subsequent to that there were stories of an album coming out. 

The album never materialised or it did not do well enough for me to know about it. 

In 2012, Kalawa Jazmee announced that they had signed Vusi, still going by his real surname Nongxo at the time, and he would be releasing a new song called Ntombenhle on which he features Zulu Boy. More talk of an album ensued but nothing came of it. 

Few months later Vusi has broken out of the shadows and is ready to take his place in the spotlight. And dare I say it; South Africa DESERVES this! ... pun very much intended. Competition breeds creativity afterall.

The ladies have been dominating the scene. Now you have 3 masssively talent vocalists, Donald Moatshe, Khaya Mthethwa and Vusi Nova, to give the ladies some competition. 

Rebranded, with a new style and last name, Vusi Nova is now signed to Muthaland Entertainment and will be releasing his new album next week. If the I'd Rather Be Blind single is anything to go by that Mzansi is in for a treat. 

I am delightfully honoured to introduce you to VUSI NOVA !!

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