Meet The Top 4 Finalist Of Jo-ann Strauss' Online Presenter Search

Earlier this year Top Billing Presenter Jo-ann Strauss sent out a call to all aspiring presenters in South Africa to submit their videos for an online presenter search. Out of thousands of entries, we can now reveal the four candidates that were chosen few days ago to jet off to a tropical island and fight for the title of 2013 Presenter Search Winner.

South Africa these are the top 4 presenter search candidates who will be joining Jo-Ann Strauss and Bonang Matheba on a weekend mentoring session in terms of TV presenting and will shoot their own travelogue style inserts in Reunion Island.  

In their own words; 
  • Shelley Nicole (Shelley Nicole Christians) Age: 24

“I'm a half Italian, proudly South African lover of music, cooking, adventure sports,  fashion and ofcourse - SHOES!!! With all the feminine points aside, I am a bit of a tom-boy surprisingly, and can get down with the boys. Anything a boy can do, I'll try and probably succeed, and in heels! Lol :)   
I've been dancing and performing since I could walk, and have a diploma in Dramatic and performing arts. I am currently going for a second qualification, this time in Real estate development, property sales and architecture. I was Stormers head cheerleader for 6 years, am currently still a Cape Fight League Ring Girl and trainee in Muay Thai and kick boxing, and was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance South Africa in 2010.  
In 2011, The year after So You Think, was one of my most successful years for television and media internationally. I booked every single ad or music video that came my way , such as my own McDonalds commercial for people on the go and being the face of 'Jacobs Biscuits Ireland' and many more :) 
I have been lucky enough and extremely blessed to have traveled and performed all over the world since then, places such as Dubai, Germany, Seychelles, the UK and the US recently, one of my most successful and career helping trips.  
It is a huge story on its own, but basically, I travelled to Las Vegas with my good friend Rudi Smit's dance crew, whom I performed with and we placed 9th in worlds at the Hip Hop International comp, repping South Africa. Was quite impressive for the number of entries and considering we only had the bare minimum number of group members. I then relocated to Hollywood for a while where so many amazing things happened. I danced in front of Missy Elliot, one of my hip-hop hero's, Chris Brown, I was a dancer in Jaden and Willow Smiths music video "Find You Somewhere."

  • Anton Taylor (Anton Howard Taylor) Age: 26

Anton Taylor is a Cape Town based MC, actor, writer and director. He obtained a BA in 5 majors (economics, English, classics, politics and philosophy) as well as an Honours in English from UCT. During this time he was heavily involved in extra-curricular activities, serving on the Students Representative Forum, writing for Varsity newspaper, and taking the roll of editor of the 2010 RAG SAX Appeal. 
Anton’s involvement in university was to such an extent that 5fm’s Rob Forbes named him ‘South Africa’s Van Wilder’ in early 2013. Anton is also well known, strangely enough, for his facial hair: his extravagant moustaches have been much lauded, and he is the current South African ‘Man of Movember’, and in 2011 won the title of ‘International Man of Movember’. 
Anton is very involved in online content, and the Jozi Shore series of internet videos he co-directed and starred in are perhaps South Africa’s most viral web series, with over 400 000 views amassed on just three videos. Anton is currently working on various advertising campaigns, and has also been producing content for his personal youtube channel.   
He can be seen as the lead in Cape Town director Roger Young’s short film ‘Keys, Phone, Wallet’, to be released towards the end of 2013. His book, ‘The Wisdom of Jozi Shore’, is to be published by Pan-McMillan later this year. 

  •  Liz Maelane  (Lomawa Elizabeth Maelane) Age: 22  

"Johannesburg-born, but escaped to the University of Cape Town in 2010, studying Geomatics as a second choice to Architecture. Started studying Architecture in 2011, but recently dropped out. 
I am currently working on a small Vegan/ Vegetarian food business, called Bread and Beans, which I got going end of last year. It was primarily burgers - dare I say, the best in town -  but I am now expanding to a small range of catering menu's.  
I have also taken these next few months out to work on a mixed media artwork highlighting the existential crisis of being a young, middle-class, South African black woman born in the 90's - and the subject matter of the artwork is Rugby. 
Although I have postponed finishing my degree, my passion for tracking and scrutinizing urban development in African cities has not waned. I am continuing and will continue to do academic writing and research in this field. 
My main goal in the future is to become an Award-winning screenwriter in television and film, as well as becoming the  Minister of Human Settlements. So, essentially, I'm a mix masala. I know a little bit about everything and a lot about a lot of things. I am a dreamer, a die-hard learner and creator, but fundamentally a storyteller. My call is to tell stories, be it through food, film, art, design, writing or even just a friendly smile. "

  • Tevin Naidu Age: 20

I’m Tevin Naidu, born in Johannesburg, raised in Durban, and currently studying Medicine (3rd year) in Cape Town (Stellenbosch University). I Matriculated from Burnwood Secondary School in 2010, attaining 7 distinctions (all highest in the grade) including 100% in mathematics as well as the school's Dux and Good Fellowship awards. 
I was the school's Head Prefect; captain of the volleyball team, cricket team, a part of the Representative council for Learners (RCL), a part of a group called TADA (Teenagers against drug abuse) and also received awards for Table Tennis and Volley ball. 
I was known as the ‘Student-Teacher’ because I taught Mathematics, Physical Science and Geography to learners at his school during my lunch-breaks and after school hours. I also dedicated a lot of my time to community service whether it be helping out at the SPCA or volunteering to help out at Medical Centers. 
I have a thirst for Culture and can play over 6 traditional musical instruments, sing and dance. I am also a part-time model, the Current Mr. India SA and former Mr. Face of Summer. 
I am part of The ‘Creative Angels Fashion Benefit’ which began in February 2012 as an initiative to raise funds and awareness for disadvantaged youth in Cape Town, South Africa. The CAFB encourages youth to develop all areas of life - physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional - without excessive pressure, thus creating well rounded individuals, capable of creating and succeeding at their own opportunities. 
Giving back to the community is something we both have in common which is why I am so excited to meet you, a like-minded individual whom I can learn so much from! During all of the above, I’ve always had a passion for media and presenting, and a way to communicate with viewers all over SA and even around the world. 
You’re helping me fulfill a life-long dream and I thank you Jo-Ann. I really appreciate this opportunity and I will not let you down.  
Ps. I’m also a very down to Earth, joker, and very sociable guy! So don’t let the seriousness of the above fool you into thinking I don’t know how to have a good time! Reunion is going to be a blast!  
There you have it. One of these 4 budding presenters could be the winner. Their exploits will be filmed for a mini-reality show that will air on the presenter search website.

The public will be asked to vote for their favourite and the winner will become an online presenter for

The winner of this competition will be announced on 20 September and will receive various prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an online presenting opportunity with

There will also be an incredible prize for those who view the daily updates from Reunion and participate in the social media activities.

Congratulations to Tevin, Liz, Shelley and Anton. Regardless of who wins the competition you are all going to learn some valuable tips in this journey and hopefully this will be a start of an illustrious career in this business.

PS: I am so jealous of YOU :-)

PPS: The official press release has not been made available yet. The pictures and BIOs used here were submitted by the finalists. I will keep you posted as soon as the press release is officially made public.

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