Meet Zimbabwean Rising Star Mbo Mahocs

Hard to believe given the country's political turmoil but our neighbouring state has a vibrant entertainment industry that is producing some fresh talent who can hold their own among the continent's more prolific stars from Nigeria and South Africa. One such talent is the gorgeous Bulawayo-born starlet, Mbonisi Mahonondo.

The 25 year old has her hands on every aspect of the entertainment industry. She is an Actress, Fashionista, Fashion editor and a budding Television Host.

Hers is a story that will inspire not only her native country fans but all aspiring entertainers in the industry

Along the way she has had to endure a lot of pressure from different directions and points out pressure from her family as having been the most difficult to bear. Her parents were not keen on her taking up arts as a career and they tried all they could to dissuade her. 

Her mother had to move her from one school to another, but somehow the passion had been ignited and there was no stopping it.

The economic meltdown in Zimbabwe forced her to join the great trek to South Africa to look for a job, and like most people it was a difficult time of her life. She worked on odd jobs to make ends meet. 

But as fate would have it, she somehow found her way back into the arts industry in her native country. 

Mbo Mahocs got herself a scholarship with a theatre college which was promoting women who wanted to study film. 

"I lied to my parents who were not keen on me pursuing an arts career. So after studying for one year, I was forced to come home.” , she recalled 

Her first role on a theatre stage was portraying the magnanimous Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany.

Mbo is now enrolled for a Diploma in Architecture at Bulawayo Polytechnic and although she says she didn't enjoy it at the beginning, she has grown to love it because it gets her creative juices flowing.

She currently works with Da Grape Vine TV Show, TeamDEck of Deck Magazine and is a Brand Ambassador for Shadow By Sidumiso fashion label. 

I wish her all the best in her endeavours in this industry. Zimbabwe has produced international stars like Oliver Mtukudzi and fashion model Nyasha Matonhodze. Who knows, this multi-talented entertainer might be the next big export from the country. 

Mbo Mahocs is our Inspirational Thursday rising star of the week !!! Join me again next week when I introduce yet another inspirational star on the rise. 

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