New Singing Sensantion Vusi Nova Shines At Unite For Mandela Dinner

Watch out Donald and Khaya, you have some competition. Vusi Nova, proved once again that if real talent is given a platform to shine this country can produce entertainers of world class standard. The guests at the Unite For Mandela gala dinner in Sandton Convention Centre were left aghast, mesmerized and simply just in awe of this new talent who just sang his heart out and gave a stellar performance. 

Nova performed his latest single, I'd Rather Be Blind. His rendition of this Etta James classic, is as raw and fresh live as it is on the recording. 

His electrifying performance literally gave me goosebumps and I couldn't stop cheering, much to the shock of my table companions -- new friend Nalini Naicker and my buddy Litha Booi. 

I was not the only one. Nova got the loudest cheer of all the performers and speakers for the night. The guy delivers and the applause was well deserved.  

Stars and guest alike turned to Twitter to share their appreciation of Mr Nova's talent and performance; 

Radio DJ Azania had this to tweet;
‏@Azania_ : Unbelievable talent Vusi Nova. His album drops next week. 
Our host for the evening Robert Marawa agreed with Aza;  
‏@robertmarawa: @Azania_ R u sitting with Royalty as usual Madame Aza?? Agree about Vusi Nova!! Standing ovation is rare in SA...

Fellow musician Leanne did not worry much about the competition and just appreciated the talent;  
iamleannemusic; Vusi Nova serenading us! What an amazing voice!! Wow!! 

Online Media Queen, Lelo Boyane gushed; 

 @MsLeloB: On stage @VusiNova ! Damn this voice!
I have not been so excited about a new artist since Lira made a come back and released Soul In Mind, which sadly happens to be last CD I have bought of a local artist. I have a feeling that Vusi Nova will be taking that honour once his CD is out. 

I am a huge fan of live performances so after that validation that Mr Nova is not some manufactured talent and can actually perform and deliver, I am now a fan and will be looking forward to seeing him perform more.  

And thank God he did not have to do a house song for people to recognize his talent. I most likely would have never cared. 

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