No Celebrities For Come Dine With Me South Africa Season 3

South Africa's version of the British cooking show Come Done With Me has been a huge success with its previous two season. The ordinary folk who compete on the show have provided such great entertainment with their wacky and sometimes crude behaviour--which has often overshadowed the food--that having celebrities on the show has not done much for an already successful run. 

The producers of Come Done With Me South Africa, which is currently in production for its third season, have decided to ditch the celebs and provide more space for ordinary folk to be on the show. 

Executive producers Kee-Leen Irvine confirmed that there will be no celebrity episodes this season.
"There is no specific reason [for not casting celebrities] but we have many regular people who are good hosts. It's not like our celebrities have shown any difference in ratings, so we thought we should go with regular episodes."
Perhaps the other reason for not needing celebs to boost ratings is the fact that the show is producing schlebs of its own. 

Who can forget contestants like season 2's Simphiwe Mtetwa - the pretentious Johannesburg events manager who seemed to use the word "androgynous" in every sentence, and couldn't cook.

The breakout media sensation from the show is self-proclaimed "Dainfern Queen" Puleng Mash-Spies, who wore 22cm heels and provided much mirth with her "shut the front door" yells whenever she was surprised or happy about something.

Ok she lacked the smarts, can not articulate and still wears coloured contact lenses in 2013 but she compensate with a bubbly personality, killer fashion sense and who does not love a diva with a catch phrase? -- shut the front door!!! 

The episode featuring the Dainfern Queen is the highest-rated episode of the local version of Come Dine With Me. 

She became an overnight sensation on social media and conducted a slew of press, TV and radio interviews. Puleng can now be seen at various social events in Jozi. She has really embraces the spotlight. She is fun, I'd gladly party with her! 

I have to agree, the celebrity episodes did not add anything special to the show. The only interesting thing for me was getting to see Sashi Naaidoo's beautiful house, yerrr the girl lives well, who would have thought it. 

Catch the new season of Come Dine With Me South Africa on DSTV's BBC Lifestyle on September 30

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