South African Films Results At The Box Office

Figures just in from SAFACT for this week's performance of South African films at the box office show some promising points for the industry. The Afrikaans market is still the most lucrative with local Afrikaans moves taking on big guys like Leon Schuster. This week was no exception as another Afrikaans movie proved to be having a good run.

The US-South Africa co-production, Vehicle 19, was released in South Africa over the weekend of 9 to 11 August with 30 prints and made R260,058.

Vehicle 19 stars Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious Franchise), who was also one of the executive producers, along with South Africa’s Eddie Mbalo. Ryan Haidarian produced the film.

Meanwhile, the Afrikaans-language South African film, Die Laaste Tango (3 prints), continues its successful campaign at the box office and has made R1.3m in six weeks.

The Afrikaans comedy Babalas (29 prints) has been on release for two weeks and has made R425,059.
New release Grown Ups 2 (72 prints), which stars Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and Kevin James, was the biggest earner over the weekend – it made just over R4m.

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