Cyber-Links Should Win Step Up Or Step Out Season 3

Etv’s dance talent search show, Step Up Or Step Out, will be crowning the winners of Season 3 this Sunday. The fate of Cyber-Links, De Javu, and Snap, Crackle & Pop lie in you as the viewers’ hands. You have a chance to vote for the group you think should win. I have my personal pick and below are my reason why I think this crew deserves the title of being season 3 winners. 

Cyberlinks is a crew from Durban that has had a very interesting journey in the show. They have had to fight for their place in the competition more than once but always managed to bounce back. Now they are one of the final three crews fighting for the title. 

As an entertainment commentator I do not look at talent shows only for the talent but I also look at the contestants' potential to have a career beyond the competition. 

During season 1 of the show I correctly predicted that The Stunners would win. Unfortunately as the show progressed and I met the dancers, it became apparent that the boys on that crew were too caught up in trying to be famous than actually building a career.

After their win I shared on social media that I doubted they would have long careers in this business. 

Needless to say, where are the Stunners now? 

On Thursday I had the pleasure of spending time with the top three finalist of this season. I can confidently predict that Cyberlinks will win this season. All three crews are talented and offer unique dancing styles to the finale but Cyberlinks is the whole package and some. 

These are my five reasons why Cyberlinks should win the show; 
  1. These boys are humble and down-to-earth. Talking and spending time with them you get the sense that these are just kids with big dreams but are not easily enticed by fame to be cocky or arrogant with their talent. With that sort of attitude a lot of people in this business will embrace them. 
  2. They pray. Ok, I know what you thinking … here me out. Whether you are religious or not, you cannot deny that a relationship with God keeps young people grounded. What I loved about these boys is that they are not your typical religious kids who shout and announce their spirituality every second. I was actually surprised to see them pray before we had lunch. That I liked and it gives me comfort to know that they will not be anything like The Reps. 
  3. They are fighters. After coming close to elimination more than one time, this crew was the phoenix that rose from the ashes.  Who does not like an underdog?
  4. They are versatile. I will be honest that my knowledge of dance is limited but I know what entertainment is. Versatile crews (i.e crews that can incorporate different types of genres in their dance routines) stand a better chance of being good entertainers than crews that specialize in one particular dance. Take season 2 winners, Thembisa Revolution for instance. Great as they were in their Pantsula style, they were not versatile enough to book gigs that require any other dance style beside Pantsula.  
  5. These boys would look great on a cover of a magazine. Or kanjane?
With that I am putting my expertise and hope on Cyberlink to be the winners this Sunday. I trust my instinct but you can also support them and make their dream a reality but voting.

SMS SUOSO and Cyberlink to 45640. SMS costs R1.50 and Ts & Cs apply. Free Minutes do not apply.

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